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Do BIRDS really affect the value of a house?

Posted on Saturday, 24th August 2013 by

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According to a recent report, the answer to this question seems to be yes!


The research study found that the presence of birds in a neighbourhood increases the house prices in that area by around £21,000; compared with houses in areas where the presence of birds is sparse.


Whilst the study indicated that even the presence of one uncommon bird species lead to an increase in the value of house prices, it also logically showed a positive correlation in that the more species of birds that were present, the higher the house prices became.


What was also clear from the study was that the number of birds in an area was not affected by parkland or woodland, and this therefore indicated that it is domestic house gardens that attract the birds to the area.


It could be argued, then, that if there is a high population of birds in an area, this could be a strong sign of good quality gardens in the area, which is therefore reflected in the house prices.


The presence of wildlife and bird song certainly does have many benefits, including helping people to relax and improve their mood. Due to this, areas where there is a large population of bird life are likely to be much more desirable, and therefore this could be the reason, along with the indication that bird life population goes hand in hand with good quality gardens, why houses are worth more in areas that are rich with bird life.

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