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  • Stuart Southall - Litigation
    Left out of a Will?

    Leaving someone out of a Will may be a deliberate choice, but can also be due to changes in circumstances since a Will was written, or be the consequence of a mistake in how the Will was drafted.  Those who are named in a Will are known as Beneficiaries, and in the majority of Wills… Learn more

  • Raman Thandi - Litigation
    Limitation Periods – how long do I have to take a legal claim?

    Limitation Periods are the amount of time within which you must take any legal claim.  This is the period within which a claim must be formally started.  The law on limitation periods is set out in the Limitation Act 1980 and if the date is missed, it can mean you will not be permitted to… Learn more

  • Andrew Robinson - Employment Law
    Employer References – speak now or forever hold your peace…

    Employers often contact previous employers for a reference when they are recruiting a new member of staff. Depending on how the previous employment role ended, this can lead to concern as to quite how to respond. In recent years there has been a move towards employers providing a basic factual reference (or even refusing to… Learn more

  • Stuart Southall - Litigation
    Small Claims Court – what is this?

    Small Claims are issued at the county court where the amount of debt being pursued is below £10,000. Court proceedings can have costs attached to them, but the Small Claims Court (or Small Claims Track) is intended to reduce those costs.  Instead of the losing party paying all of the costs, the court is likely… Learn more

  • Helen Sanderson - Residential Conveyancing
    Failure to complete on a Conveyancing transaction

    Conveyancing often has an “exchange” date and a date of “completion”.  Sometimes these are on the same day, but more often there is a period of time between the exchange of contracts and the completion date. In English Law it is the date of exchange that is the first stage of the legal obligations, and… Learn more

  • Courtney L'homme - Wills, LPA, Tax & Estate Planning
    Consent Orders: securing a financial “clean break” following a relationship breakdown.

    Separated parties still continue to put themselves at risk of future claims against their assets and livelihood despite there being a simple solution…consent orders. Glen Briers, the founder of popular brand Lambretta, recently had to part with £2.7 million ten years after his divorce from his ex-wife. The reason for this was because they made… Learn more

  • EHL Personal Injury Team
    Car Accidents and Road Traffic Incidents: What you can and cannot claim for

    Car accidents, and especially road traffic incidents involving heavy goods vehicles, can be hugely damaging due to the high speeds and heavy machinery involved, all of which can add up to some of the biggest forces your body is likely to experience in your lifetime. Sudden acceleration, deceleration, or a combination of both in different… Learn more

  • Lisa Dave - Family Law, Wills, LPA and Probate
    What is an LPA and should I have one?

    LPA is short for “Lasting Power of Attorney”.  Whilst these are most used in later life, the intention when they were introduced was that they were aimed at much younger generations.  Many people do not understand what these are and why it is important to have one. The key point to realise is that there… Learn more

  • Kate Godber - Wills, Probate, LPA, Tax and Trusts
    Free Will review at our Market Harborough office

      Edward Hands & Lewis Solicitors Market Harborough office are happy to review any Will you have made previously, free of charge, to ensure that it reflects your current wishes. Kate Godber, a specialist solicitor advising on Trusts, Wills and Probate can review your Will and discuss with you whether the Will still meets your… Learn more

  • EHL Conveyancing Team
    New Builds & Buying off plan

    New builds New Builds require extra care when dealing with the legal process of buying.  At Edward Hands & Lewis Solicitors we ensure that they receive the additional attention they need, but we set out below some of the key additional aspects of dealing with new build property. NHBC certificate An NHBC certificate warrants that… Learn more

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