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  • Sarah Sainsbury - Head of Post Completion
    Buying a house? Do you need a flood risk check?

    If you are purchasing a property and you are concerned about flooding, a flood risk check can be made by your conveyancer. By using environmental reports, they can be notified about any flooding in the area and if the property has ever been flooded in the past. Issues are mainly raised when the property is near… Learn more

  • Claire Brown - Solicitor
    Having trouble locating a Will?

    A person’s Will is a hugely important document, as it can be the only legally binding way to make sure their wishes are carried out after they die. If you have recently suffered a bereavement – whether it was an elderly relative and was expected, or was a sudden, unexpected death of a younger family… Learn more

  • Raman Thandi - Trainee Solicitor
    I am single and have a child – do I need to have a Will?

    If you are not married or in a civil partnership and pass away without a Will, your estate would pass in accordance with what is known as the intestacy rules. This is a set of rules that governs who is entitled to estate in your family chain. If you have a child (or an adopted… Learn more

  • Neusha Mazaher - Paralegal
    Property: Are you aware of the Section 38 Agreement?

    A Section 38 agreement is a legal agreement entered into by the developer and the Council, to ensure that work carried out on the highway by the developer reaches an adoptable standard within a specified time at the public expense. The procedure is under Section 38 of the Highways Act 1980 with the final outcome… Learn more

  • Marie Moule - Conveyancing Executive
    Choosing a Conveyancer – Top questions you should ask!

    Are you thinking about selling, buying or remortgaging house? Whether your a first time buyer or someone who is already on the property ladder this can be a very stressful time and this is why it is so important to choose the right conveyancer. Below we have created the top questions that you should be… Learn more

  • Andrew Robinson - Solicitor
    Employment Law: everything you need to know about Early Conciliation

    For many years, dialogue between parties in employment disputes has been encouraged. Since April 2014 we moved to a position where it is now mandatory for the parties to conciliate. The impact and success of compulsory early conciliation can now be assessed. A claimant is required to submit an early conciliation form to ACAS, as… Learn more

  • Bijal Thakrar - Trainee Solicitor
    Things to consider when purchasing a commercial property

    When you buy a commercial property, you should ensure that it falls under the right user class. Failing to do so will incur undesirable legal implications. Under certain circumstances, it is possible to change the user classes without permission, however, in most cases the law requires you to obtain permission and the local authority may refuse to… Learn more

  • Paul Lawrence - Group Director
    Wills and the Court of Appeal Ruling in the case of Ilott v Mitson

    Following the Court of Appeal ruling and extensive media coverage of this case, it is time to take stock and consider the ramifications to those who wish to disinherit children. Heather Ilott’s mother, Melita Jackson, left her estate of almost £500,000 to the three animal charities after her death in 2004. Ilott, however, challenged the… Learn more

  • Andrew Robinson - Solicitor
    Employment: Proposed changes to the minimum wage

    As most business owners will know employers are obliged to pay their workers the national minimum wage which steadily increases.   On the 1 October 2015 the national minimum wage will increase and here are the key points you will need to know as an employer:   • 20p to £6.70 an hour. • The… Learn more

  • Lovleen Kaur- Paralegal
    The Question of Limitation

    When taking instructions on behalf of claimants, not only does a personal injury lawyer have to consider whether the claimant has a claim for personal injury, he is also required to consider whether the claim is within the Limitation period.   What is the Limitation Period?   The Limitation Period is governed by SS11 and… Learn more

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