Negative Pledge

Rik Pancholi-Associate Solicitor

What is a negative pledge provision?   When money is loaned by one party to another, the parties will usually enter into a loan agreement.  The lender will look at a number of things when deciding how much to lend and they are likely to place some importance on the financial value of the assets… (read more)

The importance of due diligence procedure when purchasing a property as part of a company or business purchase.

Kulzinder Garcha - Trainee Solicitor

  At Edward Hands and Lewis our corporate and commercial property department handle numerous amounts of business and company purchases and work alongside each other to assist our clients with property transfers and all the due diligence involved. When purchasing the entire issued share capital of a company, you also become an owner of any… (read more)

What is a loan note?

Daniel Martin - Solicitor

A loan note is a legally binding document produced when money is borrowed. This is issued from the lender to the borrower and includes details of the loan and the terms and conditions that will be applied. Loan notes can be used in many situations as written proof of borrowing, for example, they can be… (read more)