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  • Rebecca Gunn - Residential Conveyancing
    Why make a Will?

      Why make a will?   You spend your lifetime carefully managing your money and building up your estate but imagine if on your death it is all given to someone you never intended to inherit it and potentially leaving out your loved ones.   Without  a Will, your assets will be shared according to… Learn more

  • Sarah Sainsbury - Residential Conveyancing
    What is a Joint Tenant?

    What is a joint tenant?   When purchasing a property, your solicitors will ask at some point during the transaction how you want to own the property and the terms used are either joint tenants or tenants in common. This usually leads to some confusion due to the terminology used as usually the term tenant… Learn more

  • Kate Godber - Wills, Probate, LPA, Tax and Trusts
    Declaration of Trust for jointly owned rental properties

    Did you know?   If you own a rental property with your spouse or civil partner but you don’t split the income equally between you both, there is a dedicated tax form to let HMRC know.   Usually, the shares of a property between two or more people are written in a “Declaration of Trust”:… Learn more

  • William King - Commercial Property
    5 Further points to consider when taking a Commercial Lease

    5 Further Points to Consider when Taking a Commercial Lease In a previous post some of the legal aspects in negotiating and signing up to a commercial lease were considered. But as that post advised, leases are complex beasts with many interacting parts, so it is worth looking at some of the other common clauses… Learn more

  • Neusha Mazaher - Litigation
    Amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules introduce automatic strike out for non payment of trial fee

    Amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules introduce automatic strike out for non payment of trial fee   In amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules that were published on 6th April 2017, there are new sanctions imposed for Claimants who fail to pay the trial fee in accordance with the Court’s directions. Pursuant to the new… Learn more

  • Alan Shackleton - Litigation
    Private Law Rights

    Private law rights, private matters; (claims personally funded, at personal risk)!   In my work as a litigation lawyer, or “resolver of disputes”, I often find myself having to explain to people that, if their private rights have been “breached”, then they are entirely at liberty to take action through the Courts to have the… Learn more

  • EHL Conveyancing Team
    The Purchase of auction properties and the principle of Caveat Emptor

    The purchase of auction properties and the principle of Caveat Emptor: When purchasing a property there a many different options to choose from. As the market becomes more and more competitive it is important to understand the benefits and draw backs of the options available. Purchasing properties at auction is a popular option amongst prospective… Learn more

  • EHL Conveyancing Team
    Transfer of property ownership

      Transferring ownership of property   Many people think that to transfer ownership of property is a simple and straight forward transaction.   Unfortunately, this is not true.  There are a number of potential pitfalls involved.   If transferring property from joint names to sole name:- Potential claims from the Trustee in bankruptcy If a… Learn more

  • Jade Price - Business Law
    What is a PSC Register?

          What is a PSC Register?   What is the requirement? S.81 of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 (SBEEA) came into force in April last year and requires UK companies, LLP’s and SE’s to keep and maintain a register of people with significant control (PSC).     What is a… Learn more

  • Josh Clarke - Business Law
    Can a previous dispute be heard by the Court for a second time?

    Can a previous dispute be heard by the Court for a second time?   Any dispute which cannot be resolved amicably between parties is likely to require the involvement of legal assistance, and possibly an exploration of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) [in any of its forms]. In the event that the parties continue to disagree,… Learn more

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