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  • Rebecca Gunn - Residential Conveyancing
    Landlords are your EPC’s up to scratch?

    Landlords are your EPC’s up to scratch? If you are a landlord or contemplating becoming a landlord, it is advisable you start planning for the energy changes coming into force in April 2018. An Energy Performance Certificate (“EPC”) is required on any property sold or sub let and must be provided to any new tenant…. Learn more

  • Ella Snowdon - Residential Conveyancing
    What ‘sold as seen’ actually means

    What does it mean to purchase a property that is “sold as seen”? There are a number of types of transaction where a property is said to be “sold as seen” such as repossession properties, properties being sold by a company and properties being sold as part of a deceased Estate. All of these transactions… Learn more

  • Lisa Dave - Family Law, Wills, LPA and Probate
    Why do you have to re-register the birth of your child?

    Why do you have to re-register the birth of your child? There are two reasons as to why you would do this: – To add the name of the father onto the birth certificate, whether by choice or due to a Court Order; If the parents have married since the birth of their child. Point… Learn more

  • Emma Fuller - Wills, Probate and LPA
    A guide to Lasting Power Of Attorney

    A guide to Lasting Power Of Attorney   What are LPAs for and what do they consist of? There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) : Personal LPAs – Health & Care Decisions and Financial Decisions Business LPAs LPA’s act as a safety net in the event that you lose mental capacity… Learn more

  • Neusha Mazaher - Litigation
    Copyright Infringement – Ed Sheeran is sued again!

    Copyright Infringement – Ed Sheeran sued again! Ed Sheeran found himself subject to a claim for Copyright Infringement for the second time with his song “Photograph”. Thomas Leonard and Martin Harrington alleged that the song had been copied from a song they had written “Amazing” which was released by X Factor winner Matt Cardle in… Learn more

  • William King - Commercial Property
    Renovating Property and Business Rates

    Property Guardians – Just Another Tenant? There has been a great deal of interest since the recession among commercial property owners in placing ‘Guardians’ in empty premises. Guardians are usually solvent individuals seeking somewhere a little unusual to rent, possibly in an area than may not otherwise be able to afford. There are even companies… Learn more

  • Jade Price - Business Law
    What is a shareholders agreement?

    What is a shareholders agreement? Directors deal with the day to day running of a company, whereas few decisions are referred back to shareholders for approval unless specifically outlined in the company’s articles of association or the Companies Act 2006. A shareholders’ agreement works in conjunction with the articles with one key difference; it is… Learn more

  • Josh Clarke - Business Law
    Bringing and Defending Disputes – Part 7 Proceedings

    Bringing and Defending Disputes. What are Part 7 Proceedings?   Disputes can vary greatly in value and complexity, and as such, the Court fee payable to initiate a claim will correlate directly with its value on a sliding scale. The Advisory and Dispute Resolution department at EHL Commercial have experience dealing with all types of… Learn more

  • How can Debt recovery tackle rising court costs?

    How can debt recovery tackle rising court costs?   Barely a year goes by without an increase in the court fees for civil claims, including taking a debtor to court – and the increases in just the past three years have been truly eye-watering.   It began on April 22nd 2014, when fees for claims… Learn more

  • William King - Commercial Property
    5 Points to consider when taking a commercial lease

    5 Points to Consider when Taking a Commercial Lease There are a myriad of things which need to be considered when obtaining premises for your business – not least the size, location, suitability, the work and cost involved in fitting it out. But what do tenants need to consider on the legal side of things?… Learn more

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