Exchange of Contracts

Ellie Reynolds - Trainee Solicitor

In a conveyancing transaction, once contracts have been exchanged the transaction becomes legally binding on both parties and neither party will be able to withdraw from the contract without incurring substantial penalties. But how does exchange of contracts take place? The most common method of exchanging contracts is by telephone – the contract between the… (read more)

Stamp Duty Land Tax

Roshni Suchak - Paralegal

Completing on a property? The big day has arrived and your solicitor has just rung you to say you are now able to pick up the keys… So what happens next? Completion may mark the end of legal advisory work in a property matter however as a solicitor, our duty to our client is still… (read more)

Edward Hands and Lewis Harrow

Roshni Suchak - Paralegal

Having only opened the Harrow office on the 1st of May 2014 with two Solicitors, we have already begun our expansion with the introduction of Roshni Suchak who is our new paralegal. With the growth of business we hope to introduce you to a new employee fairly soon. With our rapidly growing team and partnerships… (read more)