Who is involved in my Will?

Emma Fuller - Director

There a number of people involved in Wills. These are the Testator, Executor, Beneficiary and Witnesses. The Testator is the person who makes the Will. The Executor/s is the person who administers the estate when the Testator has died. The Beneficiaries are the person who receives the estate. The Witnesses are the people who witness… Learn more

Administration of Estates

Paul Lawrence - Legal Advisor

In the two weeks ending on 23 January 2015 over 28,000 deaths where recorded in the UK the Office for National Statistics figures show. Over the previous five years, the average number of deaths for the same period stood at about 21,000. Experts suggest flu could be the driving force, although the precise causes will… Learn more

HMCTS to fund legal representation.

Faye Remnant - Paralegal

There have been two recent cases where the court has ordered HMCTS to pay for legal representation for unrepresented clients in private child law cases. The court will not simply order HMCTS to pay for legal representation for every parent who is not eligible for legal aid and cannot afford to pay for legal representation…. Learn more