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  • Neusha Mazaher - Paralegal
    Conveyancing: What is a Section 104 agreement?

    A Section 104 agreement is entered into when the developer is constructing new properties and wants to make them more marketable. The developers will apply to the local water company requesting for the sewers to be adopted and thus maintained at the Sewerage Authorities expense. The procedure is under Section 104 of the Water Industry… Learn more

  • Kulzinder Garcha - Solicitor
    New changes to the law regarding energy efficiency for residential and commercial property

    The Energy Act 2011, ‘which has three principal objectives: tackling barriers to investment in energy efficiency; enhancing energy security; and enabling investment in low carbon energy supplies’ (Department of Energy and Climate Change: 14 October 2011). Introduced regulations to ensure that property owners would make their properties as energy efficient as possible and also provide… Learn more

  • Bijal Thakrar - Trainee Solicitor
    Employment Law: Whistleblowing

    Whistleblowing occurs when an employee raises a concern about a wrong doing in their workplace. The information which the whistleblower discloses must be in the reasonable belief of the employee that one of the following has happened, is happening or is likely to happen: Health and safety violations; Criminal activity; Acting in an unjust manner;… Learn more

  • Emma Fuller - Director
    Can your Will be ignored?

    A Will is a legal document that sets out your wishes regarding the distribution of your property on your death. In English law it has been emphasised that a person can leave their Estate to whom they want or which charity they want in their Will, however in a recent ruling from the Court of… Learn more

  • Faye Remnant - Legal Advisor
    Family Law: CAFCASS cases up a third on last year

    In June 2015, CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) received a total of 3,466 new private law cases; a 33% increase on the same time last year. CAFCASS represents children in family court cases and are independent of the courts, social services and education and health authorities. Their role in private law… Learn more

  • Lisa Dave - Associate Solicitor
    Family Law: What is Parental Responsibility?

    Parental Responsibility means all the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authorities, which by law a parent has in relation to the child and his/her property. The birth mother of a child will automatically be granted Parental Responsibility unless it is extinguished by the making of an Adoption Order to another person. Where the child’s father… Learn more

  • Jessica Ditchfield - Trainee Solicitor
    Lasting Powers of Attorney – What are my duties as an Attorney?

    Attorneys can make some decisions on behalf of the Donor, but you can’t do as you please. You always have to act in the Donor’s best interests. The Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice goes into this in more detail. It sets out five basic principles that you as an Attorney have to follow when… Learn more

  • Lisa Dave - Associate Solicitor
    What is a Child Arrangements Order?

    Applications for Child Arrangement Orders are usually between private individuals under Section 8 of The Children Act 1989. These Orders decide who the child is to live with and/or who the child will spend time with, and can be granted to more than one person whether they live together or not. If there is a… Learn more

  • Andrew Robinson - Solicitor
    Employment: Fit for Work Service

    In May 2015 a government funded Fit for Work Service was launched. The service is for longer-term absent employees (does not apply to agency workers and self-employed). If an employee has been absent for 4 weeks or more an employer or a GP can refer the individual to this free service, which includes an occupational… Learn more

  • Paul Stubbs - Managing Director
    The Cost of Litigation – Can it be avoided?

    Whether you have been involved in litigation or not, your view of litigation is likely to be that it is a very expensive mechanism for resolving disputes. The position worsened in March 2015, when the governments increase in Court issue fees took effect meaning that to issue a claim to recover monies in excess of… Learn more

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