Is your lottery legal?

Bijal Patel - Trainee Solicitor

National lottery syndicates are increasingly popular where a group of people contribute towards the purchase of lottery tickets and agree to share the money in the event of a win. It is extremely important when deciding to set up a syndicate to draw up a syndicate agreement. Syndicate agreements can settle all disputes and can… (read more)

Fake Wills

Paul Lawrence - Legal Advisor

  BBC’s ‘Fake Britain’ recently reported on the increasing number of fake Wills being drawn up by disinherited or disgruntled family members. The investigative programme reported on a particular case where the son of the deceased faked his fathers Will and subsequently presented it to the bank along with a death certificate in order to… (read more)

What is a share charge?

Bijal Patel - Trainee Solicitor

A share charge is executed by a deed which creates a first fixed charge over existing and future registered shares in certificated form, and over interests accruing from those shares. This agreement is created to secure the performance of an obligation, usually the payment of a debt. It gives the beneficiary of the security interest… (read more)

Revolution of Child Contact Centres

Faye Remnant - Paralegal

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) has proposed that all Children’s Centres should be turned into “Family Hubs”. The Family Hubs will focus on long term family stability by offering ante and postnatal services as well as advice on debt, careers support and relationship advice. The CSJ found that family breakdown was most prevalent among… (read more)