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  • Daniel Martin - Business Law
    How to purchase business assets

    When making the decision to buy a business, there are certain things you should always consider.             One of the first decisions needs to be whether you are buying the business by way of an asset purchase or by way of a share purchase. There are advantages and disadvantages to… Learn more

  • Anushka Trivedi - Residential Conveyancing
    Registering your proprietorship – Tenants in common

    When buying a property with a co owner, always carefully consider your options on how to register your proprietorship.             You can either register as joint tenants, which means if either of the owners was to die, the surviving owner would automatically become entitled to the whole legal and equitable… Learn more

  • Abi Barrick - Residential Conveyancing
    Exchange of contracts– What to expect when you are exchanging

    Congratulations you have exchanged contracts on your house, but what does this actually mean?               Exchanging contracts is the penultimate step in the purchase of your house, which occurs after a solicitor has carried out all necessary searches and enquiries. At this point there is an agreement between both… Learn more

  • Neusha Mazaher - Residential Conveyancing
    What is a build over agreement?

              One of the key benefits of having searches carried out when purchasing a new property is that they reveal all kinds of potentially adverse features that you are unlikely to be aware of without the search results. The Water & Drainage search will reveal a number of things, one being,… Learn more

  • Jenna Mistry - Commercial Property
    Capital allowances and commercial property

    Capital allowances are a statutory tax relief which is available to taxpayers in the UK on the cost of certain qualifying assets. Qualifying assets include plant and machinery. These are integral parts which allow the building to function and also include heating, lighting, drainage, cabling, pipe work, signage etc. The main purpose for this tax… Learn more

  • Jade Price - Business Law
    How do I change my company’s share capital?

    In a company, there may be two initial shareholders both holding 15 ordinary shares. A new shareholder is introduced to the company and is transferred 5 shares from each of the initial shareholders. As a result, each of the, now, three shareholders has the same rights in the Company, such as voting rights and the… Learn more

  • Robyn Webb - Residential Conveyancing
    Do I need an ‘Occupiers Consent Form’?

    Is a person over the age of 17 living at the property with you? Do they hold an legal interest in the property?             If you have a person over the age of 17 living at the property and they are not holding an legal interest in the property, they… Learn more

  • Jenna Mistry - Commercial Property
    Do commercial properties need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

            An EPC contains information about a property’s energy use and typical energy costs and provides recommendations about how to reduced energy use and save money. Whether you are selling, renting or building a commercial property, generally it is necessary to have a commercial EPC. There are some special circumstances where an… Learn more

  • Lovleen Kaur- Personal Injury
    Making a whiplash claim

                Whiplash is an injury to the ligaments and tendons caused to the neck and or shoulder when the neck is moved forwards, backwards or sideways and occurs normally (but not always)  as a result of road traffic accident. Such an injury is classed as a soft tissue injury. In… Learn more

  • Emily Standaloft-Espley - Litigation
    Boundary Disputes – My neighbour has encroached onto my land, what should I do?

    If you suspect your neighbour is encroaching on your land, whether with a fence, wall or otherwise, or a dispute has arisen over the ownership of a particular area of land there are a number of steps to consider before you consider taking legal action. First, check your title documents. These should give an indication… Learn more

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