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  • Claire Brown - Solicitor
    Wills: A Deed of Variation – What are they?

    We are constantly raising awareness of the need for everybody to draw up their Will to ensure their wishes are laid down in a legal document in the event of death. It is possible however, and sometimes necessary to amend the reading of a Will once somebody has died. This must be completed with all… Learn more

  • Jovana Maksimovic - Conveyancing Executive
    Business Law: What is a Disclosure Letter?

    A disclosure letter is a document which is usually drafted alongside an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) or a Share Purchase Agreement (SPA). In both APA and SPA, a large part of the agreement will contain warranties which usually include general warranties and specific warranties. A warranty is a contractual confirmation by the seller to the… Learn more

  • Lisa Dave - Associate Solicitor
    How to stop ex partners coming back for a “second bite of the cherry”

    It has come to light that in 2014 the number of disgruntled spouses returning to Court to try and gain more money from former partners after a divorce has already gone through has doubled. Why? The case of millionaire Ecotricity founder Dale Vince resulted in his wife Kathleen Wyatt being given permission by the Supreme… Learn more

  • Ellie Reynolds - Trainee Solicitor
    Chancel Repair Liability – What is it?

    Chancel Repair Liability is an ancient medieval law, originating from the reign of Henry VIII. However, whilst it is an ancient law, it is still an important consideration when buying a property today. Chancel Repair Liability requires homeowners, if their property is subject to it, to contribute towards the cost of repairing the Chancel of… Learn more

  • Rebecca Del Grosso - Trainee Solicitor
    Legal Update: Historic ‘deathbed gift’ ruling is overturned by Court of Appeal

    There is a legal doctrine referred to as “donatio mortis causa” which allows gifts to be made verbally (without the need to amend an existing Will or create a new one) when someone is ‘in contemplation‘ of their death. A significant ruling was made on these ‘deathbed gifts’ in 2014 (King v Dubrey) that has… Learn more

  • Bijal Thakrar - Trainee Solicitor
    Unfair Dismissal Claims

    Unfair Dismissal is regulated by the Employment Rights Act 1996 which ensures fair, just and reasonable treatment by employers in the event an employee’s job could be terminated. To qualify to bring a claim for Unfair Dismissal, the individual must be an employee and must have worked for the employer for a minimum of 2… Learn more

  • Pramila Meghani - Solicitor
    What is a Consent Order? Do I need one?

    A Consent Order is a document that incorporates the agreement that the parties have reached in relation to their finances and is approved by the court. Following a break up of a marriage the parties are encouraged to reach their own agreements in relation to the division of the property, and finances, either on their… Learn more

  • Kate Godber - Associate Solicitor
    Robert Smyth Academy Enterprise Day

    I will be helping young people at Robert Smyth Academy in Market Harborough this week at one of their Enterprise Days. I will be assisting year 10 students on Wednesday 17th June. The day will involve the students creating and developing business ideas. The students will be designing a music festival and the best group will win… Learn more

  • Raman Thandi - Trainee Solicitor
    My boiler does not work after completion? What do I do?

    Unfortunately it can be the case that problems arise after completion. This however is something that can be avoided if additional practices are put in place. You generally purchase on the basis of buyer beware which means you should make your own enquiries on anything that is capable of inspection. In addition to the above,… Learn more

  • Sarah Hailes - Conveyancing Executive
    Property: What is a Possessory Title

    A Possessory Title refers to the ownership of land to someone who does not hold the deeds to document his ownership, specifically because those documents do not exist due to them being lost or destroyed. When buying a property that is registered as Possessory Title there is a risk to the value, due to people… Learn more

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