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  • Sarah Hailes - Residential Conveyancing
    What is Lawyer Checker?

    Lawyer Checker is a tool which is becoming more commonly used by solicitors to help prevent fraud.  There have been cases where fake solicitor firms have been set up, seeking to steal client money during conveyancing transactions. Lawyer checker is a way of EHL verifying the other firm’s financial details such as the sort code, account number… Learn more

  • Georgia McDonnell - Residential Conveyancing
    Conveyancing Timescales

    Christmas is fast approaching and with many of us focusing on the release of the John Lewis Christmas advert and thinking what we are going to purchase for our loved ones, some of you may be thinking of a purchase or sale on a much larger scale, just in time for Christmas… a property.  … Learn more

  • EHL Wills Team
    Everything You Need to Know About Probate

    Probate is a word many people have never really come across – and if the first time you need to know what it means is when somebody close to you has died, it can be distressing and confusing. Thankfully though, the word itself is the main stumbling point. Once you accept that, although it might… Learn more

  • Kirsty Adams - Residential Conveyancing
    What is a Contract Race?

    I’m buying a property and part of a Contract Race, what does this mean? A contract race arises when a seller decides to deal with more than one potential buyer, thus essentially creating a ‘race’ between those buyers to see who can reach the point of exchange of contracts first. If a seller decides to… Learn more

  • Alex Speed - Personal Injury
    Road Traffic Accidents – What You Can & Can’t Claim For

    Our expert Personal Injury specialist Alex Speed answers common FAQs about what you can and can’t claim for following a road traffic accident: Q: Can I claim if the accident was partly my fault? A: Yes, you can still claim but you shouldn’t expect as much compensation as someone who had been in an accident… Learn more

  • Jemal Deo - Wills, Probate & LPA
    In Europe we Trust?

    Welcome to the first of three “We Trust?” blogs, designed to focus on Trusts around the world. In the wake of the Brexit vote, this first blog explores Trusts in Europe (specifically, Spain).  Then, with the U.S. Presidential election just around the corner, our second blog of the series focuses on the use of Trusts… Learn more

  • Ramnish Sharma - Commercial Property
    Client Interview – Right to Buy Property

    When Ashic decided to buy his council property via the ‘Right to Buy’ scheme, he chose to use residential conveyancing experts Edward Hands & Lewis Solicitors.  Having used them before, he expected the transaction to be smooth and simple.  Here he describes the process, working with Ramnish Sharma from EHL: Q: What made you decide… Learn more

  • Ramnish Sharma - Commercial Property
    Client Interview – Taking Away the Pressure

    When Mrs Sira and her husband were buying their first house, they chose to use conveyancing experts Edward Hands & Lewis Solicitors.  Here, Mrs Sira describes the process working with Ramnish Sharma at EHL: Q: Why did you need a lawyer? A: We were buying our first house. Q: Why did you choose Edward Hands… Learn more

  • Tuseef Rashid - Commercial Property
    Client Interview – ‘Reliability to Me is Gold’

    Bill spends part of the year in Canada, so when it comes to selling his properties in England, he values a service which is reliable alongside working with people that he can trust.  Here, he describes what it was like working with Tuseef Rashid on his last two house sales: Tuseef has sold a couple… Learn more

  • EHL Conveyancing Team
    Solicitors Conveyancing Fees for Moving House Explained

    The blog will look into the conveyancing fees charged by a solicitor when moving house, looking into everything from how they are calculated to when they need to be paid. The average solicitor’s fees when moving house Depending on the location and value of the property that you are buying, legal fees can typically range… Learn more

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