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London Riot Compensation

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Figures obtained though Freedom of Information requests to the Metropolitan Police show that more than 130 people who have claimed compensation in the wake of the London riots in 2011 have not yet received anything. This means that in the 2 years since the riots less than 16% of the awarded compensation has been paid out, however a spokesman for the Mayor of London stated that only the most complex cases remain.

In a statement issued by the Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime they stated that over 96% of insured claims have been settled and all those who weren’t insured and made a valid claim for compensation have been paid, but others feel that David Cameron and Boris Johnson have broken promises made to riot victims. Mr Reed, MP for Croydon North said they assured victims that “they would not be forgotten and would not be left out of pocket.”

Mr Reed went on to add “it’s disgraceful there are still residents and business owners in London facing financial hardship because they have received either too little compensation or nothing at all.”

Under the Riots Damages Act 1886, insurers and those insured could claim compensation from a taxpayer backed fund, however this act has been recommended for a series of changes following an independent review last November. The report written by Neil Kingham says to aid smaller businesses who need more help to return to their previous position, the process of claiming needs to be quicker and more efficient.

Following this review the Policing, Criminal Justice and Victims Minister, Damian Green, has said that next steps will be reviewed earlier this year but that “the vast majority of victims have now received compensation.” Figures released by the Metropolitan Police have shown that £299m of claims have been made by 6th November 2013 with only £46.9m having being paid out which equates to only 15.7%. With 133 claims still outstanding it seems that some victims could be waiting a long time to receive the compensations they are entitled to.

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