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He won’t pay my invoice what can I do?

Posted on Monday, 30th September 2013 by

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An individual or company should not be allowed to get away with not paying for a good or service which has been provided. You have supplied goods or provided a service to the best of your ability why should they be allowed to benefit and not pay.

It is important to remember that you do have options to recover the outstanding amount. You could personally issue a small track claim at the Money Bulk Centre. Alternatively you could instruct a solicitor to do the same or try to settle the claim without any Court proceeding. Using a debt collection service could be another route which you could take. They are skilled in negotiating payment or could deal with a payment scheme to ensure every last penny is paid.

From the outset it may be wise to ask for a guarantor. This may not initially cross you mind when you sell a good or service and it may not be feasible in all circumstances, however having a guarantor extends your security as you could chase another individual/company if the person is made bankrupt or the company goes into liquidation to recover you money.

Don’t give up on what is rightly owed to you.

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