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What Can I Do If I Cannot Afford Litigation?

Posted on Friday, 15th May 2015 by

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One of the key aspects of deciding how, if,  and when to litigate a particular dispute is the impact it will have on costs. A client must be made aware of the options available to them for litigation, the potential risks of each option and importantly the potential costs or adverse costs of each of the options. At Edward Hands and Lewis we approach the question of costs with absolute clarity with a view to reducing any client’s exposure to costs by either avoiding litigation or conducting the litigation in the most cost effective way.

Whilst litigation via the Court process is the mechanism seen as most obvious to clients, there are a number of models of dealing with disputes, many of which have the purpose and effect of reducing all parties exposure to costs.

Edward Hands and Lewis has great experience in alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation, without prejudice meetings, using the Civil Procedure Rules to force a difficult position upon your opponent whether via Part 36 offers, Notices to Admit Facts or Orders for security for costs and we have experience at arbitration and telephone and written negotiation.

As we embrace the changing face of litigation we have become experts at resolving disputes in the most cost efficient way.

Where alternative dispute resolution techniques are not appropriate or have not been successful then we engage in Court proceedings with our client’s exposure to cost in mind and can offer Conditional Fee Agreements, Damages Based Agreements and insurance backed agreements in addition to the traditional private paying model.

Therefore, if you are engaged in a dispute or contemplating engaging in a dispute and you wish to have a greater understanding of how solicitors can assist you and the funding mechanisms available, please contact our litigation team via Paul Stubbs on 0116 266 5394 or by email addressed to paul.s@ehlsolicitors.co.uk and we will be happy to assist in providing that information.

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Paul Stubbs - Litigation
Paul Stubbs - Litigation
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