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  • Supporting best practice in family law

    With cutbacks to legal aid in the last few years it can be difficult for families to access support during divorce and separation. Edward Hands & Lewis are delighted to have been able to support a national, not-for-profit social enterprise who provide support to families experiencing the difficulties of separation and divorce. Michelle Saxton from… Learn more

  • The High Street offer

    No matter which legal service you may require meeting in person with your local solicitor can make all the difference to your experience. We offer a personal service and by arranging a face-to-face meeting, you can openly discuss your situation with a trusted solicitor who will listen and identify the next step to take. Our… Learn more

  • FREE consultations with our Family Law experts

    We understand that, for many, family issues are a stressful, uncomfortable and in some cases, a traumatic experience. To help you explore your options our family law legal experts offer free face-to-face consultations in Loughborough for anyone seeking support in family law. Our consultations give you the opportunity to have a conversation with our friendly… Learn more

  • Should children always have contact with both parents?

    Should children always have contact with both parents? Justice Peter Jackson has recently reached a conclusion that a transgender mother (the children’s birth father) should only have very limited indirect contact with her five children due to the pressure and disapproval of the ‘ultra-orthodox community’ in which they live as a result of her transgender… Learn more

  • Mediation to agree child access

    Access to children and agreeing how to move forward is a challenging aspect of any separation or relationship breakdown.  Most commonly it if fathers looking to ensure that they are able to maintain a relationship with their children, but there are times when it is the father as the primary carer and we are experienced… Learn more

  • Divorce and Financial Settlements

    Divorce is the legal ending of a marriage, and for many people it is also necessary to separate financial arrangements.  Divorce itself does not necessarily deal with the financial position – if you want to have a “clean break” then finances need to be agreed upon separately. Separation of assets can be a straightforward, if… Learn more

  • Dividing finances during divorce

    The breakdown of a relationship is never an easy time, whether it ends in arguments, sadness or you remain friends. However, when you decide you are ready to end your marriage there are practical issues to be considered. A marriage is a lifetime contract, so leaving it is not necessarily easy, and one of the… Learn more

  • What are Cohabitants Legal Rights?

    Cohabitation is the fastest growing form of relationship type in the UK, growing by 29.7% between 2004 and 2014 (according to the Office of National Statistics). However, many people who enter into cohabitation do so without knowing what their legal rights are. Many cohabitants still believe in the myth of the common law marriage, whether… Learn more

  • How long does the divorce process take? [Video]

    Experienced solicitor and mediator Pramila Meghani explains how long the divorce process takes in this short video below:

  • What is consent order & do I need one?

    I am divorced, we have sorted all arrangement for our children and have sorted all our finances.  Do I need to do anything else? Yes you need a consent order. In family matters you have to be honest with each other as to your disclosure and have your agreement approved by the Judge. Any agreement,… Learn more

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