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What happens if I buy a house with my partner before we are married?

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We see a large proportion of first time buyers who are not (yet) married, which throws up some interesting legal points for them. When setting up home with a partner we suggest that clients consider the points below, and have an open discussion about their intentions for the future:

1. Owning the property in joint names: Are both parties paying towards the deposit?  If not, do they still intend for the house to be a joint property (particularly if there are young children)?

2. Decide whether you would like to own the whole property jointly (a Joint Tenancy) or whether you prefer a share each (Tenants in Common)

3. Decide how any proceeds on sale should be divided

4. Do you need or want a Cohabitation Agreement: This is a document setting out your rights in respect of the property, especially important if there are children and property is not being held jointly.

5. Should you make a Will. If couples decide to hold the property as Tenants in Common then they have to decide who to leave their share to.  Without a Will, the share typically passes to a family member rather than the co-habitee.

We work alongside our colleagues in the Family & Wills teams to be able to guide you through these decisions as part of our conveyancing service.

Rebecca Gunn specialises in Employment law, Commercial Property & Residential Property and is a solicitor in our Leicester office.

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Rebecca Gunn - Residential Conveyancing
Rebecca Gunn - Residential Conveyancing
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