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Child Maintenance has changed

Posted on Friday, 24th October 2014 by

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As the CSA changes to the Child Maintenance Service the CSA begins its case closing process, which is expected to take 3 years due to a caseload of 800,000,00 historic cases.

The initial closing process begins with the “nil-assessed” cases. There are cases which, because of the circumstances of the non-resident parent it has been assessed that no maintenance is due. All parents will be sent a letter to inform them of the closure of their case and to give them the options. One such option is to have the matter re-assessed. Parents who currently receive no maintenance may feel there is no point in having their case reassessed as they receive no maintenance. However due to a possible change in circumstances and a more efficient system which makes use of tax data it may be that maintenance becomes payable once a new assessment is carried out. All parents are encouraged to act.

Following the Nil-assessed case the CSA will move through their caseload ending with those cases where there is ongoing enforcement action. It is estimated 150,000.00 parents will receive a letter. There is no need to take action until a letter is received but it is encouraged action is taken once you have one. Parents will be encouraged to make their own arrangements or make use of the new Child Maintenance Service.

Child Maintenance Minister, Steve Webb MP, said:

We’re reforming the child maintenance system because we want to get more maintenance to more children. This process provides parents with an opportunity to re-consider their child maintenance arrangements and our estimates show that as many as 50,000 children could benefit.

I would urge anyone who receives a letter from the CSA about their case closing to look carefully at the options, as they may be surprised at the support available to them.


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