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Client Interview – I knew I could trust Emma to confidently deal with the LPA

Posted on Thursday, 4th August 2016 by

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Solicitor Emma Fuller is based at the Loughborough solicitors branch who specialises in Wills & Probate, Administration of Estates, Elderly Client Work and Family Law. She has extensive experience across a wide range of services within these areas including drafting Wills and Codicils, advising on IHT issues, joint property and possible severance of tenancy.

Here, one of our clients explains how when her mother started to develop dementia, she and her sisters took action to make sure that they would be able to keep on top of their mother’s affairs; paying her bills and making sure that they could access money for her, when she wasn’t able to herself.

Q: What did you need a solicitor for?

A: To help with mum’s affairs – her banking and paying her bills on her behalf.

Q: Why did you decide the time was right to do this?

A: Mum had been in hospital and was very, very poorly.  She began to develop dementia and couldn’t understand things as well as she was able to previously.

Q: Why did you choose Emma Fuller from EHL Solicitors to help?

A: I knew Emma from when she had set up a Will for me.  Emma was very, very confident about what she was talking about, but at the same time remained neutral about the options that she gave us, so that we could make our own unbiased informed decisions.

Q: What specifically did Emma do for you?

A: Emma gave us a half an hour appointment for free, where she listened carefully to our position and then explained how things could be moved forward.  She gave us information about the choices we had and whether a Lasting Power of Attorney would suffice or in the case of incapacity, whether we needed to go for Court of Protection.  Once Emma gave us all of the information we needed, we went away and had time to decide what it was that we wanted to do.

Q: Was the process what you expected it would be? 

A:  The added value was having Emma’s expertise.  We didn’t understand the massiveness of the project at the start and Emma gave us such a broad spectrum of choices.

Q: How was dealing with Emma any different to your experience of dealing with other lawyers in the past?

A: I had only used another solicitor for moving house but in comparison to Emma they were more matter of fact and not so personal.  Emma was very, very warming and extremely organised, which put us at ease.

Q: If you would recommend Emma to others, what would you say?

A: Emma is a very warm and easy to speak to person.  She explains facts clearly as they are and makes it easy to ask the questions you need to ask. Overall, she gives you confidence.

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Emma Fuller - Wills, Probate and LPA
Emma Fuller - Wills, Probate and LPA
emma.f@ehlsolicitors.co.uk 01509 212 108
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