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Client Interview – The Leasehold vs Freehold Battle

Posted on Monday, 8th August 2016 by

leasehold vs freehold

When first-time buyer Adeel Malik set about purchasing his first house, he found the process quickly turned from exciting to extremely complicated.  Here, Adeel explains how EHL Solicitors team member Tuseef Rashid helped him to overcome a leasehold v freehold battle, in order to fully own his first home.

Q: Why did you need a lawyer?

A: To purchase my first house.  I’m savvy in a lot of things but had no idea about the legal side of buying a house.

Q: Why did you choose Edward Hands & Lewis Solicitors?

A: I knew that Edward Hands & Lewis was quite a big company and felt that it was important to use a professional firm.  Tuseef in particular seemed very passionate about what he does.

Q: What did Tuseef do for you?

A: Under one umbrella, I would say protection is the most important word.  Right from the start, buying the house was not an easy process.  The estate agent and owner had advertised the property as a freehold mid-terraced house, but Tuseef found out that it was actually leasehold.  Tuseef told me that if I wanted to buy a house, it was best to do it properly and to own it outright, which meant that the house needed to be freehold.  I didn’t know that it was even possible to change a house from leasehold to freehold, but Tuseef set about doing this.

At the same time, I received a lot of misinformation from the seller’s legal team and estate agent, who told me that the house would automatically turn into a freehold property once the purchase was complete.  However, luckily Tuseef set them straight and told me exactly what was needed.

Once the leasehold was converted to freehold, the seller wanted me to move in the following week without sending me any documentation.  Again, Tuseef protected me and advised me to wait – I didn’t even own the house yet!

Q: What was most valuable about the service Tuseef provided you with?

A:  I was lucky that Tuseef looked out for my best interests from the start.  Another lawyer might have just tried to complete the process quickly and take their fees, and I would have ended up with a leasehold house without even knowing it.

Q: If you were to recommend Tuseef to other first time buyers, what would you say?

A: I’d say that you would always be protected and that Tuseef would always look out for your best interests.  His experience and knowledge means that he will get you the best deal possible.

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Tuseef Rashid - Commercial Property
Tuseef Rashid - Commercial Property
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