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Client Interview – ‘Reliability to Me is Gold’

Posted on Friday, 14th October 2016 by


Bill spends part of the year in Canada, so when it comes to selling his properties in England, he values a service which is reliable alongside working with people that he can trust.  Here, he describes what it was like working with Tuseef Rashid on his last two house sales:

Tuseef has sold a couple of houses for me and will be selling a couple more.  I had known Douglas Wemyss at EHL Solicitors for many years and when he was on holiday, his colleague Tuseef emailed me to follow up on my house sale at the time.  I soon found out that we had lots in common (especially as we’re both from Derby).

The thing about working with Tuseef is that he has always done everything that I have asked him to do.  I can’t place a high enough value on someone who works like that – reliability to me is gold and is worth more than the fee you’re paying.  He’s a complete professional and if he says he will do something, then it will get done.

If I was recommending Tuseef to someone else, I would say that he is efficient and instils confidence that he knows what he’s doing.  He’s professional, a good time keeper and I trust him.

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Tuseef Rashid - Commercial Property
Tuseef Rashid - Commercial Property
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