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If you need help with CPP or mis-sold PPI come to EHL

Posted on Friday, 7th December 2012 by


EHL have been receiving numerous enquiries over the past few days from clients who have received telephone calls and letters from a company called CPP in respect of an annual premium for Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), an insurance policy they did not even know they had.

PPI policies have been commonly sold to people alongside loans, credit cards and mortgages as an insurance to protect the repayment of loans if they die, become ill or disabled, lose a job, or other circumstances that may prevent them from earning income to repay the debt.

Unfortunately in many cases, PPI policies were mis-sold to customers who were in secure employment or self employed at the time the policy was taken out, were not fully advised as to the effects of the insurance, or were in ill health at the time the policy was taken out.  In other cases, customers were not even aware they had agreed to a PPI policy being attached to their loan.

 To compensate customers for these failings, banks have been ordered to allow individuals to reclaim amounts paid under a policy and in some cases, can recover the amount paid for the loan in full.  If you believe you have a PPI policy that was mis-sold to you, contact Edward Hands & Lewis on 0116 266 5394 for a no obligation discussion.


Frances Jacobs is one of our Solicitors in Leicester, who are all experts in their fields and dedicated to quality client care. If you would like to find out more about our solicitors in Leicester please contact us.

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