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Divorce rising amongst the over 60s

Posted on Thursday, 29th August 2013 by

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The Office for National Statistics has released information claiming that the number of over 60s getting a divorce in England and Wales has been on the increase since the 1990s. The number of people getting a divorce however has gradually been falling since the 1990s overall, yet the over 60s sector of divorces has been rising consistently.

This, according to experts is partly attributed by the increase of over 60s living in England and Wales now, along with the rise in life expectancy. In 2012, men aged 60+ are apparently expected to live for a further 26 years. This equals to marriage ending in divorce rather than the less likely event of death of one spouse than back in 1991.

As years have passed, the well known stigma of divorce has gradually faded and it has become a common occurrence of our everyday lives. The over 60’s around today would have been teenagers when the Divorce Reform Act 1969 came into play in 1971. There were 404,000 divorced people over the age of 60 in England and Wales in 1991, which is measly compared to the whopping 1.3 million there is today!

Women can also generally support themselves outside of marriage. The employment rate of women rose from 53% to 66% from 1971-2012. As couples get older also, men are more likely to file for divorce and be granted this. 34% of divorces were filed by men in 2011.

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