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What is ecommerce and why might I need it?

Posted on Monday, 24th June 2013 by

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Electronic commerce or ecommerce where transactions such as buying and selling services and products are conducted using electronic systems including the internet, this also includes the transfer of data using electronic systems. Most people use ecommerce in their everyday life without even realising it as internet banking, online shopping, purchasing electronic tickets, online auctions and websites which have an electronic catalogue are all types of ecommerce.


The advantages of ecommerce is the speed at which this transfer of data can be sent and its ease of access especially for consumers trying to gain information and prices about products. With so many businesses using ecommerce you can also expect to see a price competition from online retailers. It is also beneficial to people due to its availability; it is not constricted by business opening hours and therefore people can find what they need quickly, easily and at times convenient for them.


For businesses it also grants many benefits including the greater reach of people using their services, the ability to transfer data quickly and excellent marketing and advertising potential. Retail, gaming and travel sectors are currently the top ecommerce sectors, with large businesses using the national and global reach of ecommerce to their advantage. These advantages also make it very beneficial to start-up and small businesses and can even mean that a business could be run electronically.


Therefore, it is likely that you might need and use ecommerce daily without knowing but it is important to know what it is and how it can aide you personally and professionally.


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