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GTA Flu expected to hit workers

Posted on Monday, 23rd September 2013 by

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With the launch of the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5, it is expected a large number of employees will be struck with GTA Flu. With symptoms ranging from acute fatigue through to bruised thumbs, it is expected a number of employees across the country will call in sick in order to play the video game.  Whilst this has widely been reported as a comical side-effect to the launch of GTA there is a serious side.

Employees wishing to take time off work to play GTA should have booked the day off as holiday or requested unpaid leave. Simply calling in sick can have a detrimental effect on a business’s ability to operate, particularly if a number of staff fall victim to the same GTA flu.

Employees should be reminded that only genuine illness will entitle employees to time off work and sickness absence policies should be checked and brought to the attention of all employees. Employers should consider ‘back to work interviews’ with employees who have been off sick to determine if they are fit to return to work and the reason for their absence.

If an employer has cause to suspect an employee has been dishonest about the reason given for being on sick leave they should thoroughly investigate the matter and if the evidence suggests the employee did fall victim to GTA flu they may consider disciplinary action against the employee.

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