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Honda make the world’s first Super Mower with on board fire extinguisher

Posted on Thursday, 18th July 2013 by

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Honda – the engineering company from Japan has yet again excelled itself by developing the world’s greatest lawnmower! Men up and down the country will be drooling at the 130mph lawnmower that comes complete with its own fire extinguisher!

Never has gardening been so exciting. Alan Titchmarsh may have something to say about this but I bet even he would like to grand stand this at the Chelsea flower show.

The new super mower has been made in partnership between Honda and Team Dynamic (British Touring Car Championship).  With 400cc more than the standard lawnmower in Honda’s range, this has a staggering 1000cc. That’s as much as a high-performance superbike or a small 1litre car.

The super mower had a power to rate ratio that would put many super cars to shame, 532 bhp per tonne, some Ferraris cannot compete with figures like that and the super mower has already topped 100mph in testing.

This mower is not for the faint hearted especially as it kicks out sounds exceeding 130 decibels. You might not be able to hear anything after mowing your lawn but at least you will look cool whilst you’re doing it.

You may be wondering why a solicitor is writing about such things, your first thought (I am sure) is that you think most solicitors are boring and to be fair, you would be right but this mower is a great example of so many different legal issues:

Firstly, to develop the mower, two giant companies have entered into a partnership to develop and manufacture the ultimate father’s day gift. This is likely to have involved a partnership agreement or joint venture agreement that details the parties interests in the project.

Second, both parties bring with them their own expertise, patents, designs and know how. Therefore there is likely to have been a non-disclosure agreement/confidentiality agreement at some point. There may also be a licence to use the others intellectual property for the purposes of this project.

Third, creating a vehicle such as this that is a bit beyond the norm presents all sorts of health and safety issues that have to be dealt with. The super mower can cut lawns but it is limited to 15mph whilst the blades are spinning. The mower also has an on board fire extinguisher (just in case). Is it road legal?

Fourth, when being used at home it will kick out about 130 decibels, that’s a lot of noise. If you use this at home and have any neighbours it has the potential to cause a lot of problems because of noise pollution. It may even be classed as a nuisance. Obviously, if you don’t like your neighbours it may make the super mower an even greater prospect.

Projects such as this require preparation and consideration to the outcomes. It would be normal on such projects to have several legal documents to ensure each party and the final product is protected and of course that the end user is safe when using the product.

If you want to develop the next greatest lawn mower or want to develop a new product with another person or company, we are here to help ensure you are protected.

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