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Intellectual Property Law

Posted on Wednesday, 9th January 2013 by

It is important to consider what intellectual property rights your business may hold.

 Does your business have a name / branding / logo. Have you invented or designed a product in your business? If the answer is yes you may be entitled to protect the intellectual property rights in your business in the same way as you would seek to protect the tangible assets.

 If you have a logo or a brand name you are afforded some protection under the law. If a competitor attempts to use your name to pass themselves off as your business or brand you may be able to bring a claim for passing off. However, it can be complicated, expensive and time consuming to make a claim for passing off. The alternative is to protect your name and branding by registering a Trademark. The cost to register a Trademark for a single class of goods starts from just £170.00 which compared to costly litigation can be a relatively cheap outlay to protect you intellectual rights.

 Additionally if you have designed a 3 dimensional product the design of the product may be able to be protected. A registered design right can be applied for to protect the design and ensure it is not copied.

 If you require any assistance our intellectual property department would be happy to help.

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