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Martin of Market Harborough: Blogging from the Basin

Posted on Friday, 31st May 2013 by

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“Oh, what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day!” For the younger generation out there in Harborough that’s a song from the musical “Seven brides for Seven brothers” but it perfectly describes the wharf today and as Frances, Martin and I burst into joyful song at the drop of a hat it’s hard to resist waxing a little poetical. Even our employment expert Andrew Robinson is humming along. He’s visiting us today. Our Leicester office has been much praised in the press recently but we know they are a bit jealous when they come to see us at the wharf.

I’ve been attacked this week citizens!! Well, not me personally but how’s this for a quote :“family law is a time consuming and moderately shadowy activity” and “family lawyers are sleeping in a bed that has been paid for by the unhappiness of others”  I mean, Crikey! Hang on a mo though? Does that mean that dentists prey on peoples pain, doctors live fat off the agonies of their patients and taxi drivers cruise Sainsburys car parks seeking to profit from the disabled, the weary and the overburdened? Good old Guardian

Mind you, I love the idea of a “moderately” shadowy activity. Sounds like we’re slightly in the dark, but not entirely. Not true citizens! Our Family team are a dedicated expert bunch with no other thought than the future welfare of our clients. Makes me wonder if someone at the paper had a worse lawyer than their ex. If that’s true they should have come here! Ok rant over, trumpet blown.

Even after 30 years I still get moved at how hurtful it can be to be divorced on grounds largely invented. Defending petitions can be prohibitively expensive and to an extent pointless because if you win you end up still married to someone who by now is your worst enemy. I would never push anyone to divorce unless they were 100 % ready but you can be vulnerable to the other side if you delay. Getting in first can matter.  I’ve met this before of course but it did strike particularly hard this week.

It’s the Edward Hands and Lewis 86 mile bike ride to Skegness tomorrow. Good luck to all the riders. It’s never too late to sponsor them here. I hope Skeggy is ready for team EHL. I suspect they’ll either be in party mode or fast asleep.

See you next week!

Martin of  Market Harborough is based in Edward Hands and Lewis’ Market Harborough office and is an expert Family Lawyer. For any enquires you may have contact Martin here.

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