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Martin of Market Harborough: Blogging from the basin

Posted on Friday, 7th June 2013 by

Photo Credit: Xavier Donat via Compfight cc

Forgive my lack of originality fellow citizens but Phew, what a scorcher!  The wharf has been glorious again 10,000 tons of sand and a Beach Boys CD and its Florida out there. The umbrellas and sun worshippers are out at The Waterfront. The basin is only half full (always the optimist, you notice) of boats and we’re still getting some rather smug and happy folk up to hire them from the neighbours.


I’ve been looking at trust law this week. “Trust” is a funny topic for a divorce lawyer you might think but it’s fiddly stuff. It’s not just for the multi-millionaires either: with the inheritance tax limit losing ground to property prices, putting the cash (legally) into a trust and away from our delightful inspectors of HMRC is getting more common for us lesser mortals. We’re lucky we’ve got our tax and trust Guru Leanne Hathaway on board to sort out the deeds, documents and tax savings and of course yours truly to get the money out if the marriage doesn’t go the distance. Mind you if there are any multi-millionaires out there, well, the telephone number is at the bottom and there’s plenty of room to park the Rolls right outside my window.


Talking of Leanne she reminded me that as I’ve been qualified since 1983 I can properly describe myself as a “30 year old Lawyer”. Nice. Now if we could just find a way of getting me down to 12 stone again without amputating a limb we’d be in business!


It’s Carnival time in Harborough this weekend. As if you didn’t know! Time to shake out the shorts and throw money at strangely dressed people with buckets. My Working Breakfast mate Ian “combat656” Patterson will be there with at least one (or is it 3?) tanks one of which he is certainly planning to load up with flour bombs. You have been warned, citizens. Come to sunny Harborough and join in the fun.


Family law fact of the week: Zsa Zsa Gabor married 9 times and was famous for the remark that she was “a great housekeeper”; whenever she got divorced she always kept the house. That’s not a house, darling that’s a whole street.


I wonder if you can water-ski behind a narrow boat.


See you next week

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