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Martin of Market Harborough: Blogging from the Basin

Posted on Friday, 14th June 2013 by

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What was that song citizens? “Where have all the barges gone?”  Something like that anyway. I know I was expecting the narrow boats to be “out “ as the weather improved but the basin looks a bit sad and empty now, like we’ve lost some old friends. Still, they’ll be back soon enough, if the wind doesn’t drop they may be in a bit quicker than we’d like.


On the social front it’s been a busy old time. Local Harborough singer songwriter Bethie Mitchell gave a moving and thought provoking performance of her own and other songs after I’d had a high old time with the camera at the carnival last Saturday. I really can’t avoid saying a huge well done and thanks to everyone for the effort put into the floats and to Combat 656 for winning their category. No flour bombs (see last week) but knowing Ian he’ll be working on it.


EHL had their annual quiz night on Thursday at The Plough at Birstall. Harriet, Sarah and I came second. Not bad for a team of 3 against teams of 4. We only came second because they couldn’t recognise my note perfect and moving rendition of “Stairway to Heaven” in the humming round. I realised of course it wasn’t my fault as they still didn’t know it even when I told them the title which made me feel about 110 years old. A great team evening and thanks to our quizmaster Andrew “come on you must know this one” Robinson, who incidentally, qualifies on Monday so now his troubles really start.


Petrodel-v- Prest  has reported this week and Family law kinda won 7 nil .i.e. 6 Supreme court judges agreed with Jonathan Sumption ( that’s “Your Lordship”  to me ) that Mrs Prest could have her properties after all. Husband’s thus far partly successful attempt to keep the assets hidden in various companies was vigorously undone and while I have done a holding blog on this a fuller one will be out next week  Its all a matter of Trust . Strange really; if ever there was a case of total lack of trust this was it. It hammers home the need for frank disclosure and the pain the husband suffered for lack of it.


Incidentally I don’t know if Lord Sumption reads this blog ( come on, be honest, he might need a giggle at the end of the week) but he is the author of the most authoritative books on the 100 years war, an interest  of mine, but he’s only done the first 3 volumes. I know he’s been busy what with Judging and that but I need to know how it comes out. I mean, I know the result but it’s not the same as seeing the match!


See you next week!

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