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Martin of Market Harborough: Blogging from the basin

Posted on Friday, 21st June 2013 by

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Bonjour Citoyens

Forgive the French but I’m off to La belle France this weekend and even from a rather grey wharf I’ve slipped into holiday mode .This will be the last Blog from the canal side for a couple of weeks so I can but recommend my regular readers to have a look at the other blogs on the company website as long as you promise to get back to mine when I get back.

Coincidence is a funny thing. I came home last night to a slightly hysterical Mrs MH because there was a long message in French on the answer phone. Bless her she is brilliant but for her the language is about as challenging as dragging a piano backwards up the Eiger whistling the Marseillaise. Equally she is married to me which can be like working in a foreign language anyway  (hear, hear says Frances).  It turns out my cellar is flooded to a depth of a meter and a half and Madame Landais next door was worried about my bike and the lawnmower. So worried that she sent her husband Roger in to fetch them out! He’s 73.  He’s put them in their shed. Saintly folk. Even when I told her I’d be there on Sunday she said “not to worry because Roger would start emptying it out with a bucket as “he hadn’t got much on this weekend”   He’ll have webbed feet.

I’ve done an article on Prest and Petrodel following last week’s mention in the blog. The Court probably did a lot to help Mrs Prest but it’ll be interesting to see how the company and Tax lawyers react to the result on its facts I think the court got it right but they were helped by Mr Prest’s absence and the lack of evidence that only his side could give. He, no doubt had very good reasons for staying away. Would the result have been different if the company transfers had predated the marriage or if the assets had been abroad or if he’d had a pre nup? Still plenty of scope for argument. In another case this week a husband divorced 20+ years ago found his ex-wife after him for money because even though they’d done a clean break agreement it had never been made into an order. She lost but it cost thousands and would have been so much easier if they’d got that order ….

Is Mr Bean holidaying in Harborough? Jamie from Union Wharf Narrowboats told me he and friends were having a cuppa out at Foxton Locks when some chap on a mobile phone walked straight over the bridge and into the canal still talking away. He got out safely but try explaining  that to the insurers and to his missus ;  “ sorry I’m late home dear , I fell in the canal and couldn’t ring to let you know “


See you in a couple of weeks

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