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Martin of Market Harborough blogging from the basin

Posted on Friday, 3rd May 2013 by

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Hello again fellow citizens from a sunny Market Harborough. Admittedly there’s a shortage of sails, masts and bikini-clad lovelies but the basin’s had a distinctly Mediterranean feel this week. As we’re south facing its been pretty warm in here but I’ve already promised my compatriots Martin and Frances that the first one to complain “it’s too hot” goes into the canal.

As a mini-break from the usual testosterone fuelled content this week I’ve got to say a huge OMG to The Curve , the cast of “Hot Stuff” generally and The Phoenix Partners in the particular person of Rachel Hargrave for the most incredible evening last night. That theatre rocked its socks off. Ceri Dupree as a checkout girl and Tina Turner are two images I don’t think I’ll ever forget. We got devils, punks, glam and glitter and Kate Bush too. Some of the greatest songs of the 70,s and 80’s (but better sung) with belly laughs and surprises. I wish I was a better writer to do it justice. Go and see it. Simples.

Pleased to find more people getting to know how great EHL are too. I’m out there banging our award winning drum. I did my 10 minutes at working breakfast on Wednesday on some popular misconceptions pitfalls and myths of family law and hope I didn’t frighten anyone too much. There were one or two worried looks round the table …..Try a quick quiz fellow bloggees:

1 .What’s a tenancy in common and why should you have one?

2 How useful are pre nuptial agreements and what can they do and not do?

3 Does the unmarried father of a child born in 2002 have any legal parental rights for that child?

4 How does he have those rights (ok I accept the answer to 3 is contained in 4)?

5 Can a sperm donor get contact with “his “child?

How many can you answer confidently? The great thing for me about practising family law is that it does change with the times, often rather late and sometimes in controversy but endlessly fascinating.

PS I’m telling people about lasting powers of attorney too. It’s too late to get one once the donor is too ill to give it. It’s designed to protect not control. My wife is a few months younger than me ( 192 months actually : Frances speaking ) I think she reckons I might need one …….. Ho hum. Happy hols. Speak to you next week

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