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Mobile Phones are 40 years old today

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On April 3 1973 the first mobile phone call was made by Marty Cooper, a senior engineer at Motorola.

Forty years later and mobile phones are still going strong, in fact a report carried out by the International Telecommunications Union found that there were six billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide.

Over the course of the forty years a lot has changed. The first mobile phone cost something in the region of what would today be $1million dollars. In 1983 a cellular phone cost $4000 which is the equivalent of $10,000 today.

And now mobile phones are rarely used just for talking. All new models have an mp3 player, a camera and internet connection.

It is the smartphone that is making its mark on the world today with more and more websites being accessed by mobile device. It has been estimated that the majority of internet use will soon be done through mobiles devices like phones and tablets.

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