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  • EHL Conveyancing Team
    Explaining a Contract

    Explaining A Contract   A contract, or also known as an agreement is prepared by the seller’s solicitors. The contract is the legal document that binds the seller and the buyer for purchasing or selling the property and once it is exchanged and greed upon it legally binds all parties on the contract. The contract… Learn more

  • EHL Conveyancing Team
    The Purchase of auction properties and the principle of Caveat Emptor

    The purchase of auction properties and the principle of Caveat Emptor: When purchasing a property there a many different options to choose from. As the market becomes more and more competitive it is important to understand the benefits and draw backs of the options available. Purchasing properties at auction is a popular option amongst prospective… Learn more

  • Renovating Property and Business Rates

    Property Guardians – Just Another Tenant? There has been a great deal of interest since the recession among commercial property owners in placing ‘Guardians’ in empty premises. Guardians are usually solvent individuals seeking somewhere a little unusual to rent, possibly in an area than may not otherwise be able to afford. There are even companies… Learn more

  • EHL Family Law Team
    Financial disclosure is a must when getting divorced

    When dealing with the matrimonial finances I always advise my clients that the only way to fully protect themselves is to go through the process of financial disclosure (gathering together documentary evidence of all assets, income, liabilities, pensions etc and disclosing them to your spouse and vice versa). Many divorcing couples do not wish to… Learn more

  • Andrew Robinson - Employment Law
    Could you become an Employee Shareholder?

    In September 2013 a new form of employee is due to come into effect. In consideration of an employee becoming an “employee shareholder” (instead of just an “employee”), a company employer will issue or allot a minimum of £2,000 worth of shares to the individual, with any gains made on the first £50,000 of shares… Learn more

  • Emma Fuller - Wills, Probate and LPA
    The role of the Court of Protection and Lasting Powers of Attorney

    The Court of Protection (COP) is a specialist court which deals with all issues relating to people who lack the capacity to make decisions for themselves. The Court is guided by the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and is duty bound to act in the best interests of the patient at all times. There are many… Learn more

  • Paul Stubbs - Litigation
    Compromise Agreements – Legal Advice

    The volume of employers and employees reaching agreement to terminate their employment by way of a compromise agreement continues to increase as awareness of their potential benefit increases. A compromise agreement can be a useful tool when the relationship between employer and employee breaks down irretrievably as it allows the parties to agree the terms… Learn more

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