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  • EHL Conveyancing Team
    Selling a property through Probate or Lasting Powers of Attorney

    Selling a property through Probate, or Lasting Power Of Attorney. Top Facts about Probate Sales; Technically you cannot sell a property before the probate is granted, unless your name is already on the deed. The Probate takes around eight weeks to come back and if you sell your house in the meantime this could hold… Learn more

  • Marie Moule - Residential Conveyancing
    Japanese Knotweed – The Legalities

    Japanese Knotweed – The Legalities Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is a hardy, fast growing plant Native to Japan, East Asia, China and Korea. Originally introduced to the UK for ornamental garden purposes, knotweed has now spread out of UK gardens and was first recorded in the UK  wild in 1886. It is able to grow… Learn more

  • Douglas Wemyss - Commercial Property
    Selling a house with subsidence?

    Firstly what is subsidence?   Subsidence is when the foundation of a property gradually starts to move, this can be caused by the earth constricting or expanding due to the amount of water that is either absorbed or lost. Factors which can increase subsidence are: drought; rain; frost; and leaking drains          … Learn more

  • Selling a house without a solicitor

    A common question for people selling their house is, ‘Can I sell my house without instructing a solicitor?’                 Unfortunately the transaction may not be as straightforward as you think. There can be many unforeseen problems and complex issues that require a solicitor or conveyancer to resolve. Here… Learn more

  • I am about to sell my property – what documents do I need?

    When selling a property, it is important to provide as many original guarantee’s as possible including planning permissions, building consents, installation certificates and anything that requires a professional and ‘competent’ person to carry out the work’. In many cases, we often come across situations where a client may not have kept the original document meaning… Learn more

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