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Tamworth named as “fattest” place as UK faces obseity crisis

Posted on Tuesday, 19th February 2013 by
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The “fat” debate is back.  Yesterday the wonderfully named NOO (National Obesity Observatory) updated its obesity survey and re-started the discussion about Tamworth and Gateshead – officially the “fattest” places in the UK with over 30% of the population being classed as obese.  The data goes back to 2011, and Tamworth has been trying to promote healthy living ever since so may not be too happy at being re-listed!
The UK as a whole though has 62% of adults being classed as overweight or obese, with just 2% being underweight.  Leaving approximately a third of the population being a healthy weight (well and truly in the minority).  The levels of overweight adults in the UK have remained pretty constant in recent years, but the proportion slipping into obesity has risen significantly and at this rate by 2050 up to 60% of the adult population of the UK would be obese – quite a terrifying prospect!  
The simple truth of the matter though is that whilst it is great for communities to work together, everyone has to start with themselves.  Here at Edward Hands & Lewis a team of us are in training to undertake a charity bike ride for our local hospice later in the year, and I’m very proud that some colleagues are getting on their bikes for the first time in 10 years (I haven’t been on my bike in 5 years).  So whether we all finish the 100 mile bike ride or not, the main thing is that we have started and are going to have a go at it, and that we are getting fitter and having fun with the training.  
Just remember, the rest of the UK isn’t far behind Tamworth.  Over 26% of the adult population in the Midlands is reported as obese.  Here at EHL we are aiming to marginally improve fitness levels within our own offices by our cycle training – why not join in? http://www.loros.com/fundraising/Default.aspx?id=441963

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