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What taxes do you pay?

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A large proportion of your income may go towards paying taxes and typically it is estimated that around 35% of the money we earn goes on tax.

  • Direct taxes such as income tax and National Insurance account for 20% of the money we earn.
  • Indirect Taxes such as VAT, duty on alcohol and petrol and council tax account for the rest.

Some of the main taxes that you might pay are:

  1. Income tax is paid on earnings, pensions, benefits, savings and investment income and rents.
  2. National insurance is paid on your income from working or business profits.
  3. Capital gains tax is paid on the profit you make on any possessions or investments you sell, or the increase in value from the date you acquired the assets if you give them away, unless these are exempt.
  4. Stamp Duty Land Tax on property and Stamp Duty on shares
  5. VAT is currently paid at a standard rate of 20% on most goods and services, with some exceptions (there is no VAT on books, children’s clothes and food. Fuel and power are taxed at 5%).
  6. Indirect Taxes & Excise Duties are paid on insurance premiums, tobacco, alcohol, petrol and air travel, at different rates for different categories (unleaded petrol has a lower rate than standard diesel, for example).
  7. Inheritance tax applies on some lifetime gifts and also to estates on death.

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Leanne is a Chartered Tax Adviser, specializing in advising on UK tax matters but also including overseas tax as needed. Leanne is head of Taxation Services at EHL Solicitors in Leicester.

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