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Virgin London Marathon 2014

Posted on Friday, 28th February 2014 by

Great piece of training last week.  I decided to leave the mid-week 5 miler off the schedule in an attempt to let my I T Band stretch out with the new foam roller and it really paid off.  I had my usual struggle up to about 1.5 miles (I don’t think I will ever get over that) and then from 2miles – 8 miles I was flying.  I regulated the pace properly and could speed up or slow down with ease and by 7-8 miles I couldn’t’ believe I had been running at all.  At that point I felt like I could run 150 miles.

It seems to me that with running the key seems to be dealing with the ups and downs that come upon you without any warning.  I was near death up to 1.5 miles and yet nothing but a bit of rhythm and stride saw me coasting from 2- 8 miles.  Just at the point where I thought I was actually going to win the marathon I started to get pain across the top of my right foot where the laces press into the shoe and then into the foot itself.

Wasn’t really sure what to do, it got progressively worse with every stride and I was torn between wanting to get to 15 miles as a decent benchmark and stopping completely to save on future injuries.  I kind of mixed it up and so ran 10 miles to see if I could shake it off but no joy and so I slowed off the pace and came to a halt 10 miles out.

I was pretty pleased as the I T Band gave me little more than minor – medium discomfort and 5 days have since passed since the run and my instep seems to be ok.  If that happens on race day then I will just need to plough on but I am hoping Sunday’s run can see me surpass 15 miles and then push on next week to 18.  Ambitious but a necessary evil.

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