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Douglas Wemyss - Commercial Property

Douglas is a consultant in the commercial property department, whose practice focuses primarily on leasing transaction and investment acquisitions. Douglas has specialties across of range of departments within the firm including Commercial and Residential Property, & Litigation. In addition to working with a range of corporate legal areas Douglas also specialises in residential conveyancing, handling buy-to-let properties, Freeholds, Leaseholds, new builds and unregistered properties. Douglas represents clients of all sizes, including Pension funds and Investment Partnerships with holdings throughout the UK.

Douglas has practiced law successfully for the last 30 years. He has worked in Leicestershire throughout his career becoming a Partner  and founding his own firm in 1995 from which he retired in 2011 and joined and Edward Hands & Lewis as a consultant solicitor working across a variety of departments.


"Thank you very much and we cannot overstate our appreciation for you kind assistance and effort." - Private Client

"Thank you very much for all your help and patience in handling our somewhat unrealistic demands in concluding this matter. This has been a great effort which is very much appreciated." - Private Client

"We had our annual report for last year & am pleased to confirm I hit my targets. Thank you both for helping me out on my cases." - Quickshare

"I would like to mention that Mr Wemyss is like a family member to us and like fatherly figure, we as a family have know him for at least over 25 years now he is a great man and will leave a legacy behind as I have never come cross gentlemen like him." - Private Client

"Thank you for excellent service once again! The money is in and all setup and all in super quick time!" - Private Client

"I've recommended you to a number of different people, for your professional yet friendly manner and a very reassuring service that you give." - Private Client

"Thank you so much Douglas, we new that you were the man for the job." - Private Client

"I am really pleased, I was recommended to use your services and I have continued to recommend you to my friends and family." - Private Client

Douglass Wemyss is based at our Leicester solicitors branch.

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