Consultant Programme

Enjoy the work-life balance you desire

If you are a solicitor and want to work for an established firm while enjoying a flexible lifestyle, then joining us as a consultant is your ideal career move.

We actively seek solicitors who want to advance their careers but who also want to benefit from the freedom of being self-employed to achieve that highly sought-after work-life balance.

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Take home 70% of your billing

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Full IT support to ensure effective remote working

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Full back-office support

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Branch / office facilities when you need it

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"Buddy" system to ensure holiday cover

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Cross-referral networking from our team of lawyers

Why join our programme?

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All benefits of our Consultant Programme

Take home 70% of your billing

Benefit financially by using our support system and maximising your billing.

Full IT support for remote working

We'll ensure you have the tools to succeed, including video conferencing and business grade email setup.

Full back-office support

Our Team are here to support you with everything from Admin to Invoicing.

Access to our office facilities

We have 5 branches for you to use should you need to.

Our "Buddy" System

We ensure your holiday arrangements are covered via our "buddy" system.

Cross referral networking

Our philosophy is to introduce our clients to the best lawyers for the job.

EHL Solicitors | Take home 70% of your billingEHL Solicitors | Full IT support for remote workingEHL Solicitors | Here for you & the communityEHL Solicitors | Access to our office facilitiesEHL Solicitors | Our "buddy" systemEHL Solicitors | Cross referral networking

Chris Newell

Consultant, Devon

“The attraction of being a consultant was being able to do my work where and when it suited me. After doing this by myself for several years, I appreciated the support and benefits the Consultant programme brought for me and I haven't looked back since.”

Jenny Lockyer

Consultant, Nottinghamshire

“It’s been more successful than
I could possibly have
imagined. I've been with the Consultancy Programme now for four years. Living in Nottinghamshire also gives me the additional benefit of being able to use the office facilities provided to have client meetings.”

Joanna Lincoln

Consultant, Glasgow

“Joining the Consultant's programme has changed my life immeasurably, I’m a
lot happier. One of the negatives of working for myself without support was unpredictability, long evenings and difficult planning. Via the buddy system, I can book holidays to enjoy time with my family and have regained a work-life balance that works for me.”


We are proud of the service we offer to our clients. All solicitors that join our programme must meet our minimum requirements.

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A qualified solicitor, fellow of CILEx or CLC

EHL Solicitors | green line

Strong client following or good client contacts

EHL Solicitors | green line

A minimum of 2 years PQE

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