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  • EHL’s Market Harborough team – here to help!

      The Market Harborough team are highly skilled and experienced across a range of legal services including: Simple Wills Complex Wills Lasting Powers of Attorney for Financial Affairs and Health and Care Decisions Probate/Intestacy Applications Probate/Intestacy Administration Conveyancing services Gifts of Property Transferring property between family members Remortgaging We are happy to discuss matters with… Learn more

  • EHL’s Market Harborough team are here to help you!

    Edward Hands & Lewis solicitors has been providing exceptional service to individuals and businesses for over 120 years. Positioned in the heart of the High Street, the law firm has a strong network of local branches across the Midlands including a popular branch in the small market town of Market Harborough, on Coventry Road. Jenny… Learn more

  • Think ahead. Have you made your Lasting Power of Attorney?

    Having a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) gives you more control over what happens to you if you have an accident or an illness and can’t make your own decisions. The future is unpredictable and if your circumstances were to change due to an illness, disability or mental impairment, LPAs can protect you – which… Learn more

  • 5 benefits of using a solicitor to write your will

    You can have confidence that there won’t be mistakes There can be problems with wills like forgetting to have it signed or using the wrong witnesses which would mean it would be invalid when you die. Using a solicitor minimises the risk of things like this happening. They’ll navigate more complex laws. A solicitor knows… Learn more

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney – What You Need to Know

    Many people believe once they have completed and had their LPA registered they need not review it and can leave it in the drawer for safe keeping. This is not the case. As those with LPAs shall know, these documents are regulated by a government body called the Office of the Public Guardian or ‘OPG’… Learn more

  • Inheritance Tax in the UK hits an all time high

      In the tax year 2016/2017 the amount of Inheritance Tax (IHT) paid to HMRC was in excess of £4.7billion. Official bodies have also calculated that in the next five years this figure could increase by up to a third, this is a payment of up to £6.1billion. The reason for this increase is a… Learn more

  • Declaration of Trust for jointly owned rental properties

    Did you know?   If you own a rental property with your spouse or civil partner but you don’t split the income equally between you both, there is a dedicated tax form to let HMRC know.   Usually, the shares of a property between two or more people are written in a “Declaration of Trust”:… Learn more

  • Probate Fees to increase

    Probate Fees to Increase Probate Fees have been charged at a flat rate of £155 (the Court Application fees) but this is changing to a value based charge, depending on the value of the estate. From the 1st May the application fee will depend upon the value of the estate: Estate Worth Application Fee £50,000.00… Learn more

  • Free Will review at our Market Harborough office

      Edward Hands & Lewis Solicitors Market Harborough office are happy to review any Will you have made previously, free of charge, to ensure that it reflects your current wishes. Kate Godber, a specialist solicitor advising on Trusts, Wills and Probate can review your Will and discuss with you whether the Will still meets your… Learn more

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney – what are the different types?

    Lasting Powers of Attorney (or LPAs) take two different forms, and whilst it is advisable to have both you could just have one type if that is more appropriate for you. Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs – This power allows the attorney to deal with the finances, banking, bills, stocks, shares and… Learn more

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