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Leanne Hathaway - Tax and Trusts

Leanne is a Chartered Tax Adviser, specializing in advising on UK tax matters but also including overseas tax as needed.

Having trained with Grant Thornton Accountants, a top ten national accountancy practice, which gave substantial exposure to the local owner managed business and private client sector, Leanne moved to PriceWaterhouseCoopers to gain experience in large corporate tax matters, including reporting to the LSE on company floatations, transfer pricing and other large company tax issues.

Following a further 5 years working in a purely tax advisory capacity at a tax practice, Leanne has developed an expertise in advising on trust structures, including those entered into as part of structured tax planning in the past or family trusts.

Having studied law at University, Leanne works closely with colleagues to ensure that any tax advice is properly implemented for our clients and brings a wealth of experience to the practice.  She is involved with the Education Team of the Association of Taxation Technicians.

With an academic training in law, followed by a period working as a paralegal before commencing tax training, Leanne has a background of working in law and accountancy practices.  Starting out in tax compliance work, learning the skills to prepare tax returns, the advisory role developed from an early stage and is primarily focused on the private client services and family businesses.

Having developed an interest in work involving trusts (in particular family trusts and employment related trusts) Leanne works extensively in assisting Trustees to understand their roles and responsibilities, to help document any decisions they take and to bring to an end any trusts that are no longer necessary in a tax efficient manner.

Supporting the Wills and Probate team, Leanne now assists in complex probate matters, particularly where there have been delays that have caused issues with the tax reporting.  Inheritance tax advice is also on hand for those wishing to discuss their estate planning.

Recent successful cases:

  • Brokering a settlement in respect of a HMRC enquiry into an offshore trust that had been ongoing for six years
  • Advising on a corporate sale so as to secure entrepreneurs’ relief for the vendor
  • Ensuring a client obtained EIS status on a new business start up
  • Advising on disputed probate matters so as to finalise an estate that had been in dispute for over eight years
  • Identifying missing assets for a probate estate worth in excess of £300,000


"I recommended Leanne Hathaway of Edward, Hands and Lewis (in Leicester) for wills and trust work - I have found her delightful to deal with and she comes highly recommended." - Private client

Leanne Hathaway is based at our Stoney Stanton branch.

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