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Rebecca Gunn - Residential Conveyancing

As an Associate Solicitor Rebecca specialises in all conveyancing areas. She has extensive experience in buy-to-let properties, Freeholds, Leaseholds, new builds and unregistered properties. She is able to offer an expert service and knowledge base to her clients. She always delivers a friendly, efficient and high quality service. Rebecca also has experience and expertise in Employment law and Commercial Property, particularly Compromise Agreements and Negotiation of commercial leases.

Rebecca's background is in residential property law and during her time at Edward Hands and Lewis she has also worked within the Employment Law department and Commercial Property department. Rebecca is  a specialist conveyancer who will be able to manage your property transaction no matter how complicated it may become.

Her recent successful cases include negotiating with the bank on her clients’ behalf when they were faced with having the property repossessed. Rebecca successful managed to postpone the possession hearing until the property was sold on the open market.

Rebecca's expertise has been recognised in the industry when she was short-listed for Leicestershire's Junior Lawyer 2014 by The Law Society.


"Thank you very much for all your help and advice. We were very impressed with your efficiency in ensuring that all went smoothly." - Mr. Moore

"Fantastic! Thanks for your work on this and expediting it so quickly. When I'm ready to buy another property I'll be in touch."  - Mr. Ravat

"Many thanks for this. And also for your very professional, responsive and efficient service. You have possibly given us the best conveyancing service ever, in our lifetime of buying and selling property; thus we will be recommending you to friends and also be in touch in the future ourselves." -  Amelia & John Platt

Rebecca Gunn is based at our Syston solicitors branch.

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