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Sarah Summers - Residential Conveyancing

Sarah specialises in working with property chains and in all conveyancing areas. In addition to handling the buying and selling of residential property, Sarah also has experience with buy-to-let properties, Freeholds, Leaseholds, new builds and unregistered properties.

Sarah has over 3 years experience with Edward Hands and Lewis and is an integral part of the conveyancing team. She has worked with clients on buying and selling residential properties and plots of land.

Sarah has a proven successful track record with her clients and cases. She strives to achieve results as quickly as possible for her clients and succeeds where this is possible.


"We found the service we received from you excellent and always answered every query very promptly making the purchase less stressful." -Kathryn Stevenson & Jeff Wilcock

"I had to complete of 3 properties in under 4 weeks. Sarah stepped up to the challenge and saved me thousands of pounds. She and the firm were always prompt in responding  to my queries and Sarah had a great eye for detail. Fully recommend. Many thanks to EHL for the efficient, polite and diligent service I received int he purpose of my last 4  Buy to Let properties." - Pam Gill

"Sarah was so easy to work with, did everything we asked, was swift with her actions. This is the fourth time we have needed to use Sarah and EHL and Sarah has never let us down." - Chris and Kate Hartgrove


Experts Articles

  • What is Lawyer Checker?

    Lawyer Checker is a tool which is becoming more commonly used by solicitors to help prevent fraud.  There have been cases where fake solicitor firms have been set up, seeking to steal client money during conveyancing transactions. Lawyer checker is a way of EHL verifying the other firm’s financial details such as the sort code, account number… Learn more

  • Client Interview – Peace of mind when selling my house

    When Chris needed to sell a house, he contacted several law firms for his conveyancing. Sarah Hailes at EHL Solicitors in Melbourne stood out as being quick to respond and caring the most about delivering good service, so Chris chose to work with her. Here, he explains why he’s kept using Sarah for conveyancing ever… Learn more

  • Property: What is a Possessory Title

    A Possessory Title refers to the ownership of land to someone who does not hold the deeds to document his ownership, specifically because those documents do not exist due to them being lost or destroyed. When buying a property that is registered as Possessory Title there is a risk to the value, due to people… Learn more

  • What is Lawyer Checker?

    It is a commonly asked by clients when they see a fee being charged to them for “lawyer checker” that they want to know what exactly this is. Lawyer Checker is a tool which is becoming more commonly used by solicitors to help prevent solicitor fraud. Lawyer checker asks for details such as the seller’s… Learn more

  • What is a conservation area?

    A conservation area is an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance. Having a property is a conservation area can influence the council’s decision in respect of planning applications. Do I need conservation area consent? Conservation area consent is now only required… Learn more

  • Do you know how you own your property?

    When purchasing a property you will be given the option to hold the property as Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common.   When you hold the property as Joint Tenants you own the property as a whole rather than each owing a distinct divisible share.  As beneficial joint owners on the death of the other… Learn more

  • No more originals to be sent to the Land Registry

    The Land Registry has confirmed as from 30th June 2014 they will not require original deeds to be sent with applications. The standard practice will now be that certified copies are to be sent with all applications these will then be scanned onto the system and stored. If original deeds are sent with applications from… Learn more

  • Scrap Stamp Duty on purchases under £500,000.00 we think so!

    A group of Conservative MPs have suggested stamp duty should not be paid for purchases under £500,000. When Stamp Duty was first put in place house prices were far lower therefore affecting far fewer people, due to the rise in house prices this now means an estimated 94 per cent of homes purchased in England… Learn more

  • Help at last with the Help to Buy scheme!

    The government have put in place a scheme in order to help thousands of people who are looking to buy their first home but are unable to due to the demand from lenders for a large lump sum deposit. The help to buy scheme has been brought forward and launched as of 8th October, lender… Learn more

  • Possibility of gluten free food no longer available on prescriptions?

    A medical journal has suggested that gluten free food is now so commonly available that it should no longer be given on prescription; they see this as a costly expense that is no longer needed and involves far too much administration. The way in which people with Coeliac Disease is treated is due to be… Learn more


Sarah is a student with the council for licensed conveyancers to obtaining her license.

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