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  • EHL Conveyancing Team
    Selling a property through Probate or Lasting Powers of Attorney

    Selling a property through Probate, or Lasting Power Of Attorney. Top Facts about Probate Sales; Technically you cannot sell a property before the probate is granted, unless your name is already on the deed. The Probate takes around eight weeks to come back and if you sell your house in the meantime this could hold… Learn more

  • Elizabeth Ince - Wills and Probate
    Probate and what to do when someone dies

    When a person dies, first thoughts are to ensure that funeral arrangements are made and there are practical issues to be dealt with, perhaps if there are pets to be cared for. Beyond that, it is necessary for someone to obtain the legal right to deal with their property, money and possessions (which is known… Learn more

  • Emma Fuller - Wills, Probate and LPA
    When do you need a Grant of Representation?

    ‘Grant of Representation’ is a legal term and includes ‘Grants of Probate’ meaning that there is a Will and ‘Grants of Letters of Administration’ meaning that there is no Will. However, even if there isn’t a Will most people just use the term ‘Probate’. A commonly asked question is, “when is a grant of representation needed?”…. Learn more

  • Lisa Dave - Family Law, Wills, LPA and Probate
    Probate – Time scale for reporting to HMRC

    Where an estate is not an “excepted estate” (this is one which is free of Inheritance Tax and within certain tolerances as to size), the Personal Representative (PR) must deliver an account to HMRC within twelve months of the end of the month in which the deceased died, or within three months of taking up… Learn more

  • Emma Fuller - Wills, Probate and LPA
    Probate: Who Can Apply?

    Who can apply for probate depends upon whether the Deceased left a Will, or not. Where there is a Will If a Will is left the person with the responsibility for applying for probate is called the Executor, and the Will names who this is to be. Common issues are: i)              Locating the Will –… Learn more

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