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  • Should you franchise your business?

    When thinking about future development, more businesses are now considering the benefits that come with franchising. Any businesses that operate through branches should consider franchising as a strategy for growth and success. Franchising opens up a wider network to businesses, however before considering this route, the business has to be right for franchising. What is… Learn more

  • How to grow your business post recession

    Following a long period of recession it can feel as though business has been treading water for the last 5 years.  However, those businesses that have survived (and we deal with a large number that have done precisely that) are now looking for opportunities to grow. Some of the more tried and tested approaches of… Learn more

  • What is a BIMBO in business?

    A BIMBO (Buy in/ Management Buy Out) is an acquisition of a business by: An external management candidate (the Buy In); and The existing management team (the Management Buy Out). In the past, Management Buy Outs (MBOs) were popular as finance was available for the existing management team to fund the acquisition.  Less commonplace was… Learn more

  • Partnership Agreements

    A good business partnership, like marriage, is built on trust and commitment. A partnership agreement is written to reflect and maintain that mutual trust and commitment between partners over time.If you are considering setting up a business with a partner, it is strongly advisable to have a partnership agreement in place. An agreement will clearly… Learn more

  • Goodwill~ the most valuable asset a business has.

      “When a man pays for goodwill, he pays for something which places him in the position of being able to earn more than he would be able to do by his own unaided efforts.” ~ Professor Dicksee When selling your business, deciding how much it is worth is one of the main issues you… Learn more

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