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  • 5 Further points to consider when taking a Commercial Lease

    5 Further Points to Consider when Taking a Commercial Lease In a previous post some of the legal aspects in negotiating and signing up to a commercial lease were considered. But as that post advised, leases are complex beasts with many interacting parts, so it is worth looking at some of the other common clauses… Learn more

  • Renovating Property and Business Rates

    Property Guardians – Just Another Tenant? There has been a great deal of interest since the recession among commercial property owners in placing ‘Guardians’ in empty premises. Guardians are usually solvent individuals seeking somewhere a little unusual to rent, possibly in an area than may not otherwise be able to afford. There are even companies… Learn more

  • 5 Points to consider when taking a commercial lease

    5 Points to Consider when Taking a Commercial Lease There are a myriad of things which need to be considered when obtaining premises for your business – not least the size, location, suitability, the work and cost involved in fitting it out. But what do tenants need to consider on the legal side of things?… Learn more

  • Dilapidations – The State of Repair

    Dilapidations – The State of Repair Virtually all commercial leases contain an obligation for the property to be returned to the landlord at the end of the tenancy in a good condition and state of repair. But who decides what constitutes a good state of repair? What exactly are the obligations of the tenant? What… Learn more

  • Commercial Signage Clauses

    Commercial Signage Clauses Are you a commercial tenant taking up new premises? Maybe you are updating the frontage of your existing leased property with a new eye catching fascia? Either way, you will be keen that your new and expensive signage is highly noticeable and attracts the sort of attention you desire. But how do… Learn more

  • Leanne Hathaway - Tax and Trusts
    Buying a commercial property? Secure your entitlement to claim capital allowances on any fixtures.

    Make sure that when you buy a commercial property you secure your entitlement to claim capital allowances on any fixtures. The changes to the capital allowances treatment of fixtures in commercial buildings has now been in place for a year.   These say that once an amount of expenditure on a fixture has been recognised for… Learn more

  • Andrew Robinson - Employment Law
    Will the Energy Act 2011 affect you as a commercial landlord?

    The Energy Act 2011 will not come into force until 1 April 2018, but commercial landlords are advised to start planning now, or face great difficulties in the future. The Act will introduce a minimum acceptable energy level rating (currently suggested to be an E rating). Any building rated lower than this will not be… Learn more

  • New business in Leicester to gain from ERDF grants

    Starting a new business in Leicester could be easier in the coming months thanks to over £6 million in funding to be distributed by Leicester City Council. EHL’s solicitors in Leicester have learned that a total of £8.3 million has been secured by the council from the ERDF – the European Regional Development Fund. Of […]

  • Compensation under the Riot (Damages) Act 1886

    Residents of Leicester city centre whose property was damaged during the disruptions of last night may be entitled to compensation from the police authority, providing they can demonstrate that the actions of those involved in the unrest constituted a ‘riot’. Under the Riot (Damages) Act 1886, individuals whose losses are not fully covered by insurance […]

  • Paul Stubbs - Litigation
    The cost of the reactionary approach

    Most managers and directors will want to manage their company as efficiently as possible, this normally means reducing overheads and maximising profits but one mistake that is often made is to cut essential costs to make short term gains which ultimately lead to long term losses. A great example of this is legal advice. Most […]

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