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  • EHL Conveyancing Team
    Help to buy ISA

              Help to buy ISA The help to buy ISA is a government backed scheme to help first time buyers save for the deposit on their first home. The ISA can be opened at most banks and the individual would save as they would with a normal ISA account. However, with… Learn more

  • EHL Conveyancing Team
    Everything you need to know about Help to Buy ISAs

            In late 2015, the government launched the Help to Buy ISA scheme, which will provide house-hunters with a boost toward their cash deposit if they are able to meet a suitable level of saving. As experts in residential conveyancing, we regularly help clients to make the most of the complex legal aspects of… Learn more

  • Douglas Wemyss - Commercial Property
    Help to Buy ISA

    The Help to Buy ISA was launched in December 2015 and is a scheme which the government has introduced for first time buyers. The government have stated that too many families are currently renting and as a result have introduced this scheme to allow first time buyers to save enough money for a deposit.  … Learn more

  • Rebecca Gunn - Residential Conveyancing
    Gazumping bonanza

    With the prices slowly creeping up and with house sales on the rise the terror of gazumping is back! Gazumping is where a higher offer is accepted on the property to be purchased meaning the existing purchaser has lost the property – unless of course they are prepared to raise their offer. Being gazumped is… Learn more

  • UK homeowners believe that house prices will rise over the next six months

    There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Recent surveys conducted are showing that almost all UK homeowners believe that house prices will rise over the next six months. Only 4% of homeowners predict a fall in house prices whereas 89% expect a rise according to Zoopla. The buzz surrounding the government’s… Learn more

  • Help to Buy 2 – Simplified

    The Help to Buy 2 Scheme has been hitting our headlines over the last few weeks since the government announced that it would be available from early October this year, rather than 1st January 2014 which was the initial launch date. But what does it really mean? And how does it differ from the first… Learn more

  • Sarah Summers - Residential Conveyancing
    Help at last with the Help to Buy scheme!

    The government have put in place a scheme in order to help thousands of people who are looking to buy their first home but are unable to due to the demand from lenders for a large lump sum deposit. The help to buy scheme has been brought forward and launched as of 8th October, lender… Learn more

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