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  • Emma Fuller - Wills, Probate and LPA
    Why do I need a Lasting Power of Attorney?

    A Lasting Power of Attorney is the ability to allow someone to make decisions and manage the affairs of someone who no longer has the capacity to do these important things. There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney; one which allows the attorney to manage the person’s property and financial affairs and one… Learn more

  • EHL Family Law Team
    The next step for Gay Marriage

    With the Commons now having voted to permit gay marriage in England and Wales (not Northern Ireland or Scotland yet) I think we can confidently expect that this piece of legislation will eventually get on to the statute books, bringing the probability of full recognition of marriages between gay couples in  England and Wales for the first… Learn more

  • Andrew Robinson - Employment Law
    Does Greek yoghurt have to come from Greece?

    The High Court passed judgment on whether yoghurt has to be made in Greece to be labelled as ‘Greek yoghurt’. Until 2012 market leaders Fage UK, who make Total yoghurt, accounted for over 95% of UK sales of products labelled as Greek yoghurt. In September 2012, New York company Chobani brought their range of ‘Greek’ yoghurt to… Learn more

  • EHL Family Law Team
    Prison inmates face legal aid ban for “unnecessary legal cases”

    Prisoners who pursue complaints against the prison systems will no longer receive legal aid for this the government has announced.   Justice Secretary Chris Mayling has said that complaint cases should be dealt with by the by the prison service and not using taxpayers money.   In what has been described as “unnecessary legal cases”… Learn more

  • Paul Stubbs - Litigation
    The Silly Laws of Britain.

    Some fun laws that have at one time or another been enforce in the UK. It is illegal to die in the houses of parliament – The Earl of Chatham gave it a good go but was fortunate to make it back to Downing street without breaking the law; A pregnant woman may relieve herself… Learn more

  • New Year, New Start – EHL’s plans for 2013

    The New Year period is a time for reflection and planning for most people – and here at Edward Hands & Lewis, it’s no different.  We had a great year in 2012, and were able to do great things for our chosen charities – the Alzheimer’s Society and the Sick Children’s Trust – and for… Learn more

  • Legal Help At The Hardest of Times with EHL

      Christmas is a wonderful time of the year when we are able to spend quality time with our families and loved ones. It is a chance for most people to catch up with friends and family who they may not see for most of the year, and while this is more often than not… Learn more

  • Registering a trademark

    Are you an existing business owner, or in the process of starting a new venture? If so, taking steps to protect your trademark should not be overlooked!   A trademark is one of the most valuable assets a business has. It is the way by which a business distinguishes its goods or services from others… Learn more

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