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  • Rebecca Gunn - Residential Conveyancing
    The Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS)

      The CQS is a quality recognised standard for residential coveyancers and provides such firms with a level of credibility with third parties such as regulators and lenders. In order to be CQS accredited a firm must successfully apply to the Law Society which includes all members of staff undertaking a Criminal Record Check. It… Learn more

  • Richard III: Bones found in Leicester car park could be those of the king results reveal today.

    Today Leicester University will reveal whether the bones found in a Leicester car park last summer are those of King Richard III. Scientists have been working around the clock to confirm the identity of the “man in the car park” and at 10am today the results will be announced. The skeleton was found buried on… Learn more

  • Leanne Hathaway - Tax and Trusts
    Closure of Solicitors firms

    As today is the renewal date for professional indemnity insurance for firms of solicitors, each year this triggers the closure of those firms who are unable to secure cover for the next year. We wait to see whether any solicitors firms in Leicester are closing today as a consequence of this, and any clients who… Learn more

  • Paul Stubbs - Litigation
    What is a non-disclosure agreement?

    What is a non disclosure agreement? A non disclosure agreement or confidentiality agreement is a contract that seeks to restrain a party (Receiving Party) from disclosing information that has either been given to it from another or is information already in the receiving parties’ knowledge that the other party does not want disclosing. When are… Learn more

  • Lovely Jubilee! EHL celebrates 115 years in 2012

    This year marks Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, and there are likely to be plenty of street parties taking place not only in London, but across Leicestershire and other parts of the country. For Edward Hands and Lewis, it’s also a reason to celebrate, as we’re also marking a milestone – 115 years since we… Learn more

  • Edward Hands and Lewis go back to school

    The countdown is on until the big move. Edward Hands & Lewis is moving to ‘new’ offices at the Old School House in Leicester, a conversion of a beautiful Victorian school the heritage of which is even longer than ours! Records show the school opened in 1861. By 1877, two decades before Joseph Hands and John… Learn more

  • Employment solicitors: Leicester firms welcome employment law reform

    The need for employment solicitors Leicester clients have in the years to come could be a little different from recent years, with plans to reform some elements of employment law receiving a mention in Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s Autumn Statement this week. His much-anticipated speech was designed to give some confidence back to… Learn more

  • Employment Law: Leicester unemployment 50% higher than UK average

    Unemployment is a key issue for employment solicitors Leicester businesses and individuals are raising at present, with the city’s rate of jobseekers standing 50% higher than the national average. Across the UK, the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show 3.9% of people were claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in October 2011. In Leicester, however, the figure stands at… Learn more

  • Paul Stubbs - Litigation
    Personal Injury: East Midlands workplace injuries fall

    Workplace injuries in the East Midlands fell over the past 12 months, according to newly published figures from the Health & Safety Executive. The HSE says 9,735 cases of personal injury to employees were reported via RIDDOR in the past 12 months, representing a 3.9% decrease from the previous year. From a five-year average of… Learn more

  • Employment Law: Leicester firms see NMW inspections

    One of the basic elements of employment law Leicester firms need to keep in mind is their obligation under the National Minimum Wage, the tiered structure that sets out how much (as a minimum) must be paid to employees of different ages per hour. The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has reminded companies nationwide… Learn more

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