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Topic: Marriage

  • EHL Family Law Team
    Should I have a pre-nup?

    A prenuptial is a formal agreement entered into by a couple before they get married. It secures what they have agreed will happen to any assets in the case of a divorce. Both parties can agree that the wealthier partner does not suffer a 50% loss of assets. This is especially good to have if… Learn more

  • Emma Fuller - Wills, Probate and LPA
    Why should you review your Will regularly?

    When a person makes a Will they forget to review it regularly and many change in circumstances may mean the Wills need revisiting. Circumstances such as divorce or separation ,selling or purchasing an asset ,death of a beneficiary/executor  or the birth of a potential beneficiary may require a Will to be re written to pass… Learn more

  • Rebecca Gunn - Residential Conveyancing
    All About Joint Ownership – Make Sure You’re Up To Date

        Joint Ownership When buying or owning property as a couple or a family you need to consider the method in which you hold the beneficial estate of that property.  The distinction between the methods of ownership is important as the manner in which the property is owned can be crucial if one of… Learn more

  • Leanne Hathaway - Tax and Trusts
    EHL offer Change of Name Deeds from £80

    Deciding on a surname can be a difficult choice on marriage, or where a surname was perhaps inherited that differs from the rest of the family due to re-marriage.  But, as Juliet famously pondered, what’s in a name?  Contrary to her meandering view that a name is broadly irrelevant, most of us feel quite attached… Learn more

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