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Topic: Parental Leave

  • Andrew Robinson - Employment Law
    What are my rights to pay at work?

    If you have worked, then as an employee you are entitled to be paid. You are also entitled to be paid if you cannot work due to sickness or being on maternity leave/paternity leave/parental leave/adoption leave. Paid holiday is also allowed throughout the year.   In most situations, you are entitled to your usual wage… Learn more

  • Andrew Robinson - Employment Law
    Employment Law Reform

    2013 is set to see a great number of changes to employment law. The ethos behind the changes is based on the government desire to deregulate and simplify employment law, encouraging employers to take on employees and hopefully stimulate the economy as a result. The key changes are listed below, but we wait to see… Learn more

  • Paul Stubbs - Litigation
    Increase In Unpaid Parental Leave

      Following on from the Parental Leave Directive (2010/18/EC) the government had 12 months from March 2012 to implement an increase in the length of time parents can take as unpaid parental leave.  That change will be implemented from 08 March 2013 and so employers need to be aware of the change now.   Prior… Learn more

  • Legal flash updates 13.12.12

    Welcome to EHL’s weekly flash update. Happy reading!  New app I’m not referring to the EHL phone app, but the new government web app for divorce!! Yes, you read that right!!  The app was launched at the end of November, with the aim of guiding married couples through the divorce process…on the go! It provides… Learn more

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