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  • EHL Conveyancing Team
    What are Pre-Contract Enquiries?

      What are Pre-Contract Enquiries   A critical element for any transaction is responding to enquiries raised by the buyer’s representative.  At their core, enquiries are simply questions raised as to the nature of the property itself or on the title, rights and obligations that come with the land. The purpose of enquiries is to… Learn more

  • EHL Conveyancing Team
    Bank of Mum and Dad!

      The Bank of Mum and Dad Most parents will naturally want to help their offspring onto the property ladder and with the price of property these days it is often a requirement to have the extra funds even when a mortgage is being obtained Chances are then that parents will be asked to provide… Learn more

  • Sarah Sainsbury - Residential Conveyancing
    Buying a house? Do you need a flood risk check?

    If you are purchasing a property and you are concerned about flooding, a flood risk check can be made by your conveyancer. By using environmental reports, they can be notified about any flooding in the area and if the property has ever been flooded in the past. Issues are mainly raised when the property is near… Learn more

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