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  • Renovating Property and Business Rates

    Renovating Property and Business Rates What happens when a landlord decides to renovate a property to increase the rentable value? Who is liable for business rates when the property is empty? Are rates an inevitable cost for the owner during renovation? Under the Local Government and Finance Act the person liable to pay rates on… Learn more

  • EHL Conveyancing Team
    Incorporation of buy-to-let businesses

    Incorporation of buy-to-let businesses Many individuals with a property portfolio are now looking to incorporate as a company or LLP in order to be tax efficient. This is due to changes being implemented from April 2017 that will see landlords pay tax at a rate of up to 45% on the entire rental income they… Learn more

  • Helen Sanderson - Residential Conveyancing
    Failure to complete on a Conveyancing transaction

    Conveyancing often has an “exchange” date and a date of “completion”.  Sometimes these are on the same day, but more often there is a period of time between the exchange of contracts and the completion date. Make sure you know the latest conveyancing rules that rolled out. In English Law it is the date of… Learn more

  • EHL Conveyancing Team
    Joint ownership – Joint Tenancy or Tenants in Common?

    Joint Property ownership is very common in the United Kingdom, especially between two people.  There are two different ways in which you can jointly own a property – ‘Joint Tenancy’ and ‘Tenancy in Common.’  They are very different from a legal perspective, and if you own a property jointly with another, it is essential to… Learn more

  • What remortgage means – Everything you need to know

                    A ‘remortgage’ is the process of redeeming a current mortgage secured on a property and obtaining a new mortgage in its place. Reasons to remortgage             There are many different reasons people decide to remortgage: Perhaps a different lender has offered a more… Learn more

  • Emma Fuller - Wills, Probate and LPA
    What is Probate?

    Probate is not always required on the death of a person. It will depend on the assets owned by the deceased. If a property is owned jointly as joint tenants this will pass automatically on the death to the surviving joint owner. All bank accounts which are held in joint names again pass automatically to… Learn more

  • Can I sublet my property if it is Leasehold?

    When letting out a Leasehold property it is important to check the wording of the Lease to see if there are any restrictive covenants that do not allow subletting. A restrictive covenant is merely a behavior or action that you cannot do during your period of ownership. IF you wish to breach any of these… Learn more

  • Rebecca Gunn - Residential Conveyancing
    Property clients benefiting from Land Registry Changes

    Once a property has been purchased, the transfer will need to be registered at the land registry (by post) to enable the new owners to be recorded as the owners of the property. Any mortgages will also be registered against the property at this point.   The registration process can take up to 6 weeks… Learn more

  • Douglas Wemyss - Commercial Property
    Leicester city council responsible for house sale slow up?

    As part of standard procedure on the purchase of any property, your solicitor will invariably undertake a local search. This is in essence a long questionnaire which is sent into the local authority to ask about various matters which might influence whether a purchaser would want to buy the property concerned. The recent increase in… Learn more

  • Paul Stubbs - Litigation
    Residential possession proceedings – what happens?

    We have had a busy week this week in the litigation team both in and out of courtroom in respect of residential possession proceedings. Our instructions have mostly been from landlords seeking possession of the property on the basis tenants have fallen into arrears of rent.   We start by sending a notice seeking possession of… Learn more

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