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  • Ashley Patel - Residential Conveyancing
    Residential Conveyancing – What are Freehold Title Deeds?

    Title Deeds can come in two types: Leasehold or Freehold. When buying a Freehold property you are buying the outright ownership of the property and you are entitled to permanent residence for as long you wish. Title Deeds compromise of 3 parts: Part A – Property Register The Property Register will show whether the property… Learn more

  • EHL Conveyancing Team
    Buying a property with subsidence

    Below we have answered the top 5 most frequently asked questions about buying a property with subsidence.           What is subsidence? Subsidence occurs when the foundations of the property start to move, which may be caused by the earth constricting or expanding due to the amount of water absorbed or lost…. Learn more

  • What remortgage means – Everything you need to know

                    A ‘remortgage’ is the process of redeeming a current mortgage secured on a property and obtaining a new mortgage in its place. Reasons to remortgage             There are many different reasons people decide to remortgage: Perhaps a different lender has offered a more… Learn more

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