George PJ Spearing

Trainee File Auditor / Management Assistant

About me

My job role is to work to monthly schedules on file audits, data packs, etc. as well as a multitude of tasks throughout the month primarily revolving around compliance and all that entails. I have an important role as first contact for a lot of potential clients via email and must present myself in a professional manner that is inviting and informative for all who enquire with our company.


George PJ Spearing

Area of expertise
File Auditor/Management Assistant
Professional qualification
Years experience
Professional information
Hobbies and interests
I delve too deep into history that I forget what time period I live in. I often walk into a room forgetting why I entered it in the first place. I think I’m losing my memory. I’m 28 years old. I watch football and play it when I can, usually as a goalkeeper. I like wearing big gloves, makes my hands look huge. I have a fondness for making a house of cards in every room in my house out of pages from the last book I read. I do this to highlight the ecological disaster committed to allow me to read a dozen pages of a book, get bored and go play video games instead.



George PJ Spearing

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