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Elizabeth Ince - Wills and Probate


Elizabeth is a highly experienced solicitor who specialises in Wills and Probate, Administration of Estates and Elderly Client Work.  She has extensive experience across a wide range of services within these areas including drafting Wills, advising on Inheritance Tax issues and dealing with property issues where it may be appropriate to sever a joint tenancy.

Elizabeth specialises in taking instructions from Executors and proposed Administrators and advising on procedure, advising on terms of Wills or Intestacy and Deeds of Variation.  In addition she deal with problems relating to the admission of Wills and distributing estates.

Elizabeth has extensive experience with elderly client work and regularly prepares and advises on Lasting Powers of Attorney. She undertakes all steps to registration at Court and advises on roles thereafter.

Having lived in the Buxton area all of her life, Elizabeth is well known locally and believes that it is beneficial to clients to have a familiar face they can turn to, for general advice, or in the event of a crisis.


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