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Faye Williamson - Family Law

As part of the Family Law department Faye has extensive experience in dealing with Divorce, matrimonial finances and separation of married and co-habiting couples.

Faye also has significant experience dealing with child related matters including where they live and how often they have contact with a non-resident parent. In addition Faye also specialises in pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements.

Faye undertook the Bar Vocational course in 2009/2010 and was called to the bar in 2010. She has three years experience specialising in Family Law and is able to advise on a broad range of matters. Faye has a wealth of experience in many types of complex family matters.

Recent successful cases:

  • Represented a mother who’s children were not returned after a contact session with their father. Mother was awarded full residence.
  • Secured a financial settlement for a client which did not include spousal maintenance payments which his wife had been seeking.
  • Successfully settled financial agreements to avoid court fees for a client.


"Faye is really professional, efficient and knowledgeable - I really appreciate her fighting my corner!" - Private Client

Faye Remnant is based at our Loughborough solicitors branch.

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Faye successfully completed her law degree with The University of Manchester in 2009 and completed her Bar Vocational Course with BPP London in 2010.

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