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Lisa Dave - Family Law, Wills, LPA and Probate

Lisa is a highly experienced solicitor with 10 years + PQE.  In addition to management and marketing responsibilities, Lisa also has experience of running a caseload of 100+ files.

She specialises in Family Law and Private Client matters.

Lisa is experienced in a multitude of cases. Lisa’s Family caseload includes matters such as divorce and separation, financial/separation agreements, cohabitation disputes, living together/pre-nuptial agreements and children matters (residence, contact and parental responsibility) as well as Private Client matters which includes Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate and Declaration of Trusts.

Lisa is dedicated to providing excellent client care in all matters and strives to achieve the best results possible for her clients. She has effective time management and good communication skills as well as a good understanding of the commercial aspects of running a practice.


When engaging Lisa it was a time when I needed assistance to round everything up and drive the process through. I found the way she approached the task was friendly and had empathy which is a rare quality. I would also say that Lisa was always on the ball and at every step gave me good advice with examples to refer to, which helped in dealing with sensitive issues as a task. I find her approachable, personable, confident in her ability to close out to the benefit of the client." Adam Doohan Director - Leada Consulting ltd

"Excellent service provided by Lisa Dave. It was just like chatting to an old friend instead of making a Will." - David Horton

"Dear Ms Dave,

Thank you for sending the final copy documentation concerning the Lasting Powers of Attorney registration for both Financial and Health and Care matters.

I note that the original documents are now lodged in your firm's strong room, where they will be held indefinitely. This has proved to be a fairly lengthy procedure and we are grateful for your clear guidance, communication and support. It has been a pleasure to work with you and we have no hesitation in seeking your help again if it should prove necessary."

Lisa Dave is based at our Melbourne solicitors branch.

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Admitted as a Solicitor of England & Wales – September 2003

Professional Skills Course – BPP – 2003

Diploma in Legal Practice – De Montfort University – 2001

LLB (Hons) – The University of Northampton – 2000

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