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Tuseef Rashid - Commercial Property

Tuseef is a Trainee at the firm and is undergoing his portfolio with Cilex. He is due to qualify early next year and hopes to cross qualify shortly after.

During his time at University he volunteered at The DMU law clinic, advising on various legal issues including employment and housing law.

He has a broad knowledge of a wide range of legal issues, as well as strengthening his skills to maintain excellent client rapport, provide good client care and have attention to detail.

Tuseef to have solid knowledge of different legal areas such as property, business, employment, commercial litigation and family.

He aspires to build and develop his career here at EHL and to one day begin a training contract at the firm.


“Fantastic and many thanks to all of you for your help along the way. This was my first time doing this so really appreciated the support I received.” - Private Client

"Throughout the complicated process, I was extremely confident in his abilities. He had displayed the upmost professionalism and care towards my case. I knew I was in good hands. He ensured my needs were prioritised, kept a strong level of communication and trust throughout, but most importantly ensured that I was always protected from any false information I was given from the opposite side." - Private Client

“Tuseef is very polite, very professional and gets the job sorted quickly!  Him and his colleague Ramnish kept me updated every step of the way and I was really happy with their services.  If I was buying another house, I would definitely use Tuseef again.” - Private Client


The Leasehold vs Freehold Battle

Dealing with Multiple Property Purchases

'Reliability to Me is Gold'

Tuseef Rashid is based at our Leicester solicitors branch.

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